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Welcome Snowman Petula VG-87-CAN 4yr.
(Enforcer x Snowman)
#5 Enforcer dtr World Wide!
Oakleigh Colt P Hailey *RC *PO
(Long P x Colt P)
Former top 10 RC & Polled
Coyne-Farms Ravish Jody VG-86-CAN VG-88-MS 4yr.
(Pride x Ravish)
Fromer #1 Pride in the breed!


Coyne-Farms Ravish Jody VG-86-CAN VG-88-MS 4yr.
(Ravish x Freddie)
Sister to JETSET & JABIR!
Richmond-FD Pompey EX-91-USA 4yr.
(Epic x Massey)
Fres Epic with Outcross Sire stack!
Lookout-Pesce Panama VG-88-CAN 3yr.
(Supersonic x Explode)
Great Supersonic daughter
Lookout-Pesce Lex Perla VG-86-CAN 2yr.
(Lexor x Explode)
Fancy Lexor daughter
MS Dreary Dreima | As maiden heifer
(Layne x Boliver)
From the Outside Dabble family


Cleroli Chipper Alicia Red VG-85-CAN 2yr.
(Chipper-P x Snowman)
RED & Early Chipper from Aiko
BTS Apple-Red VG-86-FR 2yr.
(Durham Red x Talent x APPLE)
R&W sister to Mr D Apple DIAMONDBACK *RC
BTS-Aglae *RC
(Snowman x Baxter)
Full sister to AIKMAN!

The Facile's

BTS Galaxie VG-86-FR 2yr.
(Enforcer x Brawler)
> 2400 GTPI x Brawler
BTS Hostie VG-85-FR 2yr.
(Numero Uno x Goldwyn)
High Numero Uno sister to Espace

The Splendor's

Bontemps Goldwyn Belfast TV RC VG-86-FR
(Goldwyn x Durham)
Dam of Red genomic bulls!
BTS-Sheila Red VG-85-FR 2yr.
(Jerudo x Goldwyn)
Maternal sister to Durham-Red @ Semex

The Adeen's

All going back on the great brood cow, MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94-USA

Bontemps Alicia II VG-86-FR 2yr.
(Goldwyn x Durham)
Dam to the former #1 PTAT Heifer in Europe
Bontemps Alix VG-86-FR VG-87-MS 2yr.
(Explode x Goldwyn)
High PTAT Explode daughter in Europe

The Saturday's

Going back on the full sister to Mr. Sam! Sher-Est-Southwind Saturday cow family

Bontemps Alice EX-90-FR
(Shottle x Champion)
The Saturday Cow family
BTS Girl GP-FR 2yr.
(Snowman x Bolton)
Fantastic Sire stack

The Dellia's

Going back on Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA! Durham's mother!

PLS Dagewi VG-86-FR 2yr.
(Pagewire x Shottle)
Great Heifer from the Dellia's
PLS Foston VG-86-FR 2yr.
(Dotson x Shottle)
Dam to the #1 GTPI Van Gogh in Europe

Other great cow families

Roxy's, Pala's and more!

DKR Briana VG-86-FR VG-87-MS 2yr.
(Observer x Jeeves)
Straight out of Britny VG-87
DKR Observer Pearl GP-84-FR VG-86-MS 2yr.
(Observer x Man-O-Man)
High LPI of Pledge her family
Windy-Knoll-View Goldwyn Paris VG-87-FR 2yr.
(Goldwyn x Durham)
Grand daughter of Promis EX-95-USA

Welcome at the site from G.A.E.C. Du Bon Temps Bienvenue (Welcome) to the GAEC du Bon Temps, in France, in the Loire Valley, 40 km from Angers. Yannick Louis, dairy manager, is installed in Gaec (French acronym who indicates a company specific to the agricultural activity) with his father and his brother. Here, He is pictured with Facile (Ugela Bell) et sa fille Irma (Valaparaiso), who produced more than 230 000 kg of milk produces it two ! Bon Temps Facile EX-93, the emblem of the herd, produced more than 130.000 kg of milk and Jardiniere VG-88, her daughter by Besne Buck, is the mother of Rikonvi, the best Convincer son in Type in France. Despite of its statute CVM positive, Rikonvi is used as bulls father by the Frenchs AI centers. Apart the cows families developed in the herd, during last years, the Gaec du Bon Temps invested in some international cows families. A partnership was developed with the Genibeq group, in Canada, and currently, many pregnancies with embryos of the Glen Drummond Splendor and the Braedale Gypsy Grand familes are in progress. The majority of the animals which are presented in these pages are subject of a great demand for males by European AI centers.

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Bontemps Summer 2012
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Bontemps June 2012
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