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Vekis Gorgeous-ET
(Denver x Tango x Supersire)
#2 GTPI Denver in Europe!
Wilder Kalibra RDC (s. Battlecry)
(Styx-Red x Battlecry x Brekem)
One of the highest red heifers in Europe!!
Full brother: OH DG Alaska-Red
(Pat-Red x Aikman x Planet)
Full sister to ALASKA-RED @ AI-Total!
Cookiecutter Mog Hanker VG-88-2YR EX-MS DOM
(Doorsopen x Tango x Mogul)
Sister to HELIOS @ Ascol
DG Lizzy
(Missouri x Meridian x Snowman)
Great outcross pedigree
Golden-Oaks D Lovesong
(Chops x Doorman x Atwood)
#1 GTPI & #3 PTAT Chops dtr in Europe!
Golden-Oaks D Lovesong
(Chops x Doorman x Atwood)
#2 PTAT Chops in Europe!


Corringham KB SS Crimson-ET NC
(Kingboy x Supersire)
Former #3 GTPI Kingboy dtr in Europe
Zandenburg Super Camilla *TY VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Supersire x Snowman x Ramos x Laudan)
Genetic Superstar! Offspring > 2700 GTPI
Buiner Mc Taya VG-85-NL 2yr.
(McCutchen x Colby)
Sister to, TATUM, TUFFY & TANGO!
DG My Love VG-85-NL 2yr.
(Supersire x Niagra)
Super Mairy!
RZH Brescia-P-Red VG-88-NL 5yr. in her 2nd lactation
(Colt P x Alexander x BARIBE cow family)
Tremendous R&W & Polled from the Barbie's
Freurehaven FGS Lucy VG-85-CAN 2yr.
(Supersire x Snowman)
Huge numbers and awesome pedigree!
Neerduist DG Cilly-ET VG-87-NL 2yr.
(Mardi Gras x Epic x Cosmopolitan)
High scoring 2yr. old from Cosmopolitan's
De Oosterhof Mon Tahaya
(Montross x Mccutchen x Colby x FBI x Boliver)
Top Ranking GTPI Cow in Europe! (12/17)
OH DG Zilver Love
(Silver x Supersire x Mairy's)
GTPI 2620 Silver from the Mairy family
2nd dam: Freurehaven FGS Lucy VG-85-CAN 2yr.
(Rubicon x Supersire x Snowman)
Complete heifer with great pedigree
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