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Dam: Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
(Jedi x Kingboy x Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn cow family)
Huge GTPI heifer from great cow family
Grand dam: NH Massey Queengirl VG-85-NL 2yr.
(Jett x Supershot x Massey)
Flush age high GTPI / GLPI Jett dtr!
Grand dam: Ms Apples Uno Armana *RC *TV EX-91-USA
(Jedi x Halogen x Uno x APPLE)
#1 GTPI RC Heifer in Europe!
RZH Lynn VG-87-NL 3yr.
(Denver x Balisto x Snowman)
Denver daughter out of the Lidia family!
Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
(Jedi x Kingboy x Mogul)
Jedi from the Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen EX-94-USA family!
Dam: Ms Apples Uno Armana *RC *TV EX-91-USA
(Halogen x EX-91 Numero Uno x Apple EX-96)
RED CARRIER grand dtr of Apple!!
DG Caley
(Sound System x Josuper x Mogul)
NET MERIT Charttopper!
Grand dam: Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
(Dynamo x Jedi x Kingboy)
Genomic giant: #10 gTPI Calf in Europe! (12/18)
2nd dam: Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
(Medley x Jedi x Kingboy)
Huge gTPI calf: +2781 gTPI (01/19)
Grand dam: Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
(Classic x Jedi x Kingboy)
+2752 gTPI Classic dtr from Sabine! (02/19)


Roccafarm Iota Barbara  |  As maiden heifer
(Iota x Shottle)
Iota grand daughter of Barbie herself!
Rose Super Shot VG-88-NL 3yr.
(Superstition x Shottle x Vir-Clar de Classy's)
DG Caley
(Mogul x Larcrest Cale!)
Straight out of Larcrest Cale!
DG Uno Daloria VG-86-NL VG-MS 2yr.
(Numero Uno x Planet x Oman x Durham)
High producing & great transmitting Uno!
De Volmer Warsi *RC VG-86-NL 3yr.
(Snowman x Ramos)
One of the top ranking RC heifers in Europe
DG Caley
(Josuper x Mogul x Cale)
#35 gTPI cow in Europe (12/18)
DG Caley
(Supershot x Mogul x Cale!)
Grand dam: DG Caley
(Dynamo x Josuper x Mogul)
Top ranking NET MERIT Calf in Europe! (12/18)


Dam: De Oosterhof DG Rose *RC
(Salvatore *RC x Rubicon x Aikman *RC)
Red heifer with +2655 GTPI! (12/18)


RZH Lynn VG-87-NL 3yr.
(Snowman x Alexander)
Former #1 RZG Snowman in Germany

Welcome at the Volmer Holsteins website At this site you can will see the most interesting donor cows and young heifers of de Volmer Holsteins owned by de family of Jan and Willie Brummelhuis, a highly respected name in the Dutch breeding. They started to be a well known name with the extremely popular bull dam Volmers Ronny, she had over 20 sons in AI whereunder 6 at Alta Genetics. Now they work at the farm with good offsrping from her by R Marshall and Jesther. One of the most interesting donor cows at this moment in de Volmer herd is the Jesther-daughter HHG Ikessy VG-87. This extremely production cow stems out of the great family of Chief Mark Ina. Several sons from Ikessy went to AI and daughters of her were sold for topprices on public auctions. De Volmer Holsteins always stay purchase in the best cow families in the world via purchasing embryo's, heifers or donor cows. At this moment they have very interesting and promising heifers out of the great families of Beemster Lagely, Walkup Bell Lou Etta, Southland Ronny, Junge Celsius Scant, Southland Dellia, Eastland Golden, Willemshoeve Rita and Oelhorst Coba! All this donor cows have to compete in a high quality herd with several world famous cow families. This breeding policy and good management results in a very high average production of 4.02 305d 10.731kgM 4.41%F 3.53%P. De Volmer Holsteins has always interesting embryo's, AI bull's, breeding bulls and heifers available. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Red Snowman World Class
Red Snowman World Class
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