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HAM Delight Lynxy

(Delight x Atwood x Damion)

Grand dtr of Lylehaven Damion Lynx EX-94-USA!


Upstream Holsteins
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November 17, 2018


  • Fancy Delight dtr of Atwood Lynx VG-88-NL 2yr. - second in her section National NRM Show '14
  • Gold Chip sister was 2yr. Old Champion Veekeuring Fryslân 2017!!
  • Dam is full sister to Mayerlane Atwood Catamohnt EX-92-UASA
  • Grand dam is sister to Lylehaven Formation Laura EX-94-USA and Lylehaven Durham Lassie EX-94-USA
  • Same family as Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94-USA - sold for 1,15 million dollars and All-Canadian cow!
  • Lila Z won 4 All-Canadian and All-American Show titles


Car-J Brokasa Delight
Krudikker Atwood Lynx VG-88-NL 2yr.
2.04 305d 8.927kgM 4.6% 411F 3.5% 312P
4.02 354d 13.257kgM 4.5% 592F 3.6% 481P
  • 2nd place in her section NRM Show 2014
  • Her Gold Chip dtr was 2yr. Old Champion, Veekeuring Fryslân 2017, Oenkerk
  • Full sister to Mayerlane Atwood Catamohnt EX-92-USA
Maple-Downs I GW ATWOOD
Lylehaven Damion Lynx EX-94-USA
2.01 291d 17.610kgM 4.3% 756F 3.2% 569P
3.02 305d 26.400kgM 4.4% 1.172F 3.3% 863P
  • 5th North-E Fall Nat'l Jr. 2-Yr. Cow 2008
Erbacres DAMION
Thiersant Lili Starbuck EX-94-USA 5E
3-11 2x 338d 11.964kgM 4.5% 543F 3.3% 390P
5-00 2x 358d 13.694kgM 4.6% 629F 3.2%P444P
8-00 2x 365d 13.522kgM 4.9% 659F 3.4% 454P
9-11 2x 365d 14.021kgM 4.5% 628F 3.3% 464P

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