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The German J family is one of the highest testing cow family in Germany which trace back on a very deep American family. Many family members have topped the #1 position on German base

WEH Jolana
(Epic x Bronco)
Top 50 RZG heifer in Europe! (8/17)
WEH Judy *P *RC
(Ladd P x Bronco)
#1 POLLED in Europe / #3 World Wide!!
WEH Bronco Jill VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Bronco x Jefferson)
#1 RZG Cow in Germany - #4 GLPI Bronco World Wide
WEH Jessica VG-88-DE
(Garrett x Mascol)
Close family to AltaSPRING!


Rosylane-LCC Oak 7276
(Kerrigan x Josuper x Shamrock)
#3 Kerrigan in Europe / #6 World Wide (8/17)
Sandy-Valley NU Precious VG-88-USA EX-MS 3yr.
(Profit x Balistp x Uno)
RZG 160 From Genomic Giant Itspossible!
Full brother: Mr. PUMA (8/16 RZG 166 - #1 available RZG sire)
(Icone x Balisto x Lexor)
RZG 161 full sister of the #1 RZG bull PUMA!
Wallrichs Mylove
(Doorsopen x Balisto x MOM)
High RZG & RZE Doorsopen dtr
KNS Rendezvous VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Galaxy x Man-O-Man)
Maternal sister to BOSS!
Farnear-TBR Bailey VG-87-USA
(Frazzled x Balisto x Gabor)
Top 30 Net Merit Calf in Europe! (04/19)
Brother: Wendland Holsteins Yonder
(Yoda x Kerrigan x Balisto)
+2720 gTPI Yoda dtr! (08/19)
WEH Lucy VG-86-DE VG-87-MS La2
(Yoda x Kerrigan x Balisto)
Chart topping GTPI female (08/19)
CNN Robust Samara VG-86-DE
(Tarrino x Franchise x Anton)
#24 GTPI heifer in Europe: +2746 GTPI (08/19)
Farnear-TBR Bailey VG-87-USA
(Casino x Board x Balisto)
#24 GTPI female in the July intermediate run! (07/19)
Bertaiola Alx Lidia VG-87-NL 2yr. | Alexander dtr of Lidia
(Casino x Board x Balisto)
#31 NET MERIT heifer >9 months in Europe! (12/19)
Bertaiola Alx Lidia VG-87-NL 2yr. | Alexander dtr of Lidia
(Soundcloud x Kerrigan x Balisto)
Top ranking gTPI female in Europe! (09/19)
Bertaiola Alx Lidia VG-87-NL 2yr. | Alexander dtr of Lidia
(AltaDateline x Frazzled x Kerrigan)
#20 GTPI female February 2020
De-Su 7012 EX-92-USA
(Lenovo x Dynamo x Supershot)
#3 NET MERIT female in the February intermediate run! (02/20)
WEH Gini VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Riveting x Outlast x Missouri)
#35 NET MERIT heifer >9 months in Europe!! (08/20)
Farnear-TBR Bailey VG-87-USA
(Eisaku x Frazzled x Balisto)
#19 NET MERIT & GTPI female May '20 intermediate run!


RR Rosemarie VG-87-DE 2yr.
(Snowman x Shottle)
Lovely Snowman from the German R-family
WEH Papina VG-86-DE VG-86-MS 2yr.
(Man-O-Ma x Mascol)
The Golden-Oaks Prudence family
WEH Asta VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Man-O-Man x Shottle)
The Canyon-Breeze cow family
CNN Shottle Indiana VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Duke x Shottle)
Great looking Duke daughter

Welcome to the site of Hintze Holsteins Hintze Holsteins is home to some of the very best cow families from all over the world. It's a very popular place for Holstein breeders & Sire Analysts to stop by at the farm and see and select some of the most interesting cows available. We always have bulls, embryos and breedingstock available. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Out Great Members of the J-cow family
Out Great Members of the J-cow family
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