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Top ranking heifers

Anderstrup DG Calico VG-86-NL EX-91-MS
(Jedi x Rubicon x Shamrock)
Heifer with +2778 GTPI!!! (08/18)
Hul-Stein Fedi 2-ET
(Jedi x Balisto x Man-O-Man)
Close to 2800 GTPI & > 2.00 PTAT Jedi daughter! (12/17)
Prismagen KG Delphi
(Kerrigan x Commander x Supersire)
Heifer with almost 2800 GTPI! (12/17)
Hul-Stein DG Paris
(Sillian x Supershot x Numero Uno)
Heifer with >2700 GTPI & 2.62 PTAT! (12/17)
Hul-Stein DG Prinses
(Charley x Kingboy x Altaiota)
Heifer with almost 2700 GTPI! (12/17)
JK Eder Sweet | As maiden heifer
(Flagship x Rubicon x Supersire)
Top 20 gTPI heifer > 9 Months in Europe! (08/18)
Hul-Stein Corvette-ET
(Jedi x Josuper x Mogul)
+2734 GTPI and +92 lbs protein!!
Anderstrup DG Calico VG-86-NL EX-91-MS
(Modesty x Rubicon x Shamrock)
+2745 GTPI & NM $ +948!! (04/18)
Anderstrup DG Calico VG-86-NL EX-91-MS
(Modesty x Rubicon x Shamrock)
Top 20 GTPI heifer in Europe (12/17)
Anderstrup DG Calico VG-86-NL EX-91-MS
(Modesty x Rubicon x Shamrock)
Top 30 Net Merit heifer in Europe! (12/17)
All.Nure Supershot Paprika
(Supershot x Numero Uno)
#1 PTAT Supershot in Europe (8/16)
DG HS Neliza VG-86-NL 2yr. in 2nd lactation
(Jedi x Supershot x Numero Uno)
Dam to the #1 gTPI bull in the breed: DG HS Mercedes!
Hul-Stein Jeco 2-ET
(Jedi x Halogen x Supersonic)
Early Jedi, ready to flush!!
Hul-Stein Elena 2
(Bandares x Pure x Iota)
Top 40 GTPI heifer Europe (8/17)
Hul-Stein Super Darq 2-ET *P
(Modesty x Supersire x Tango)
+2735 GTPI / NM $ +870 Modesty dtr!! (08/18)
Hul-Stein Crown Party 2-ET
(Jedi x Profit x Platinum)
+2748 GTPI Jedi out of the Stantons Cameo family (08/18)
Hul-Stein October Breesh 2-ET
(Legendary x Octoberfest x Supersire)
Outcross heifer with +2757 GTPI NM $ 928 (08/18)
Rhala Daydream 16 VG-87-NL 3yr.
(Allstar x Loptimum x Ohare-P)
Sky high NVI heifer +300 gNVI (08/18)
Dam: Hul-Stein Crown Party 2-ET
(Frazzled x Profit x Platinum )
Top 15 Net Merit calve in Europe! (08/18)
Hul-Stein Famke
(Achiever x Jedi x Balisto)
Heifer with >2770 GTPI! (08/18)

POLLED and R&W program

Caps Angela 4-Red
(Salvatore *RC x Symion *RC x Fageno Red)
Red heifer with almost 2600 GTPI!
Hul-Stein Stylish *P *RC
(Apoll P x Balisto)
RZG +153 / NVI +416 / RC & POLLED!!

Hul-Stein donors housed in the USA

Pine-Tree 5092 Sym 5946-ET *RC VG-85-USA
(Modesty x Delta x Sympatico)
Sky high flush age Modesty daughter with +2751 GTPI! (08/18)
Pine-Tree 5092 Sym 5946-ET *RC VG-85-USA
(Delta x Sympatico x Colt x Sympatico)
> 2600 GTPI Delta from the Missy's
(Tango x Epic x Cookiecutter MOM Hue)
Maternal sister to BARCLEY!

Hul-Stein is owned by the Albada family from Mirns, The Netherlands.
Hul-Stein strives to work at all time with a variety of donors backed by appealing genomic indexes and good cow families.
It all started with the purchase of a Shamrock daughter from the Morningview Converse Judy family and now the barns are filled with members of the Georgia, Splendor, Rudy Missy, Freddie Cameo, Rozelle, Lidia, Barbie, Cosmopolitans and many more!
Through an extensive flush program Hul-Stein always has a wide variety of calves, bulls and embryos available.
Don't hesitate the contact us if you require more information. 


Hul-Stein wordt gerund door de Albada familie in Mirns, Friesland. 
Hul-Stein streeft ernaar om te allen tijde te werken met verschillende donoren met aantrekkelijke genomic indexen uit goede koefamilies.
Het is allemaal begonnen met de aankoop van een Shamrock-dochter uit de Morningview Converse Judy familie. Inmiddels zijn de stallen gevuld met familie leden uit de Georgia's, Splendor, Rudy  Missy, Freddie Cameo, Rozelle, Lidia, Barbie, Cosmopolitans en vele anderen!
Door middel van een intensief spoelprogramma heeft Hul-Stein altijd een breed aanbod van beschikbare kalveren, stieren en embryo's. 
Aarzel niet om contact op te nemen voor meer informatie.

Hotspots Autumn 2014
Hotspots Autumn 2014
Hul-Stein's top ranking heifers
Hul-Stein's top ranking heifers
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