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De Hullen 15
9419 TH Drijber, Netherlands



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Chapelhill Solomon Prosecco @ HHH-Show 2018
(Solomon x Mascalese x Titanic)
Junior Champion HHH-Show 2018!
BEL Scissor Brenda
(Scissor x Golden Dreams x Fortune)
1st in class Swiss Expo '18
BEL Fry Bellaria
(Fry x Colt 45 x End-Story)
1st in class Swiss Expo '18
BEL Abbott Bunga
(Abbott x Judo x End-Story)
1st in class Swiss Expo '18
BEL Bag2 Solomon Bella
(Solomon x Du Bon Vent Inkapi EX-90-IT)
2nd place Swiss Expo '18
Jildau @ HHH-Show '18
(Solomon x Goldwyn)
1st in class @ HHH-Show '18
Ghini Byway Fuerta
(Byway x Sid x Xacobeo)
Show winning Byway dtr going back on Pinehurst Royal Rosa EX-91-USA!
Sondeler Kadabra
(Gold Chip x Goldwyn x Sid x Decrausaz Iron O'Kalibra EX-97-CH)
Incredible member of the O'Kalibra's!
Vistahermosa Doorman Mona-ET
(Doorman x Goldwyn x Roy)
Grand Champion Luxembourg Jr. Open '17
Hullcrest Lovestroke
(Doorman x Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza EX-93-CAN)
Fancy Doorman straight out Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza EX-93-CAN!!
Siepermanns Sophia *RC
(Goldwyn x La Waebera Acme Sublime EX-94!)
RED CARRIER Dtr from Sublime EX-94!!
Huddlesford Icow McBarbie
(McCutchen x Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95)
From the awesome BARBARA!
Beechrow Twains Atwood
(Atwood x Champion)
Grand Champion National Irish Calf Show '15
Huddlesford Icow Barbie
(Doorman x Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95!)
Doorman from the awesome BARBARA!
Five Mills Amarula
(Atwood x Mac x Ashlyn EX-96)
2nd Jr. Heifer National HHH Show '14
H. Tobias Am Mcc Adela
(Emilio x McCutchen x Atwood)
The highest PTAT heifer in Europe! (12/17)


DKR Bulona EX-91-NL EX-93-MS
(Lotta-Hill x Goldwyn x Ord Rieke)
Reserve Senior Champion HHH-Show '18
I-Cow Aurora winning the show in Beilen
(Gold Chip x Arianna EX-92-USA)
Daughter of the one and only Arianna!
H. Tobias Am Mcc Adela
(Mc Cutchen x Atwood x Adeen family)
#1 PTAT heifer in Europe: PTAT +3.76
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