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C. da Posticchia Sabelli
85024 Lavello PZ, Italy



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Posal Sanchez Marbella-ET EX-91-IT EX-MS
(Sanchez x Damion x Outside)
Grand Champion Interregional Martina Franca '16
Posal Goldsun Tolare VG-87-IT 3yr.
(Goldsun x Mr Sam)
Int. Champion Bastia Umbra '16
Posal Planet Marbella VG-86-IT 2yr.
(Planet x Sanchez)
Res. Grand Champion Martina Franca '16
(King Doc x Damion x AltaBaxter)
+3.52 PTAT King Doc daughter! (11/19)


Brunner-Creek Mrsl Gerti EX-94-USA GMD
(AltaEmbassy x Man-O-Man)
Almost 2300 GTPI from Gerti's
Posal Goldwyn Gerti VG-85-IT 2yr.
(5G x Man-O-Man)
#1 GLPI Alta5G in Europe
Posal Sanchez Olimpia VG-87-IT 2yr.
(Doorman x AltaIota)
> 2300 GTPI & +3.33 PTAT Olimpia!


Posal Lheros Olimpia EX-94-IT
(Lheros x Outside)
Grand Champion Basta Show 2015
Posal Royalist Olimpia VG-87-IT 3yr.
(Royalist x Dolman x Marion)
Grand Champion Central-South Iltay Show 2017
Posal Sam Olimpia EX-93-IT
(Legend x Goldwyn)
#9 GTPI Legend in Europe
Posal Goldwyn Olimpia VG-89-IT | Full sister to grand dam
(Bolton x Million)
Very deep Italian Cow family
Posal Emerson Olimpia VG-88-IT
(Shottle x Emerson)
Very deep Italian Cow family
Posal Goldwyn Olimpia VG-88-IT 2yr. | Full sister to dam
(Shottle x Goldwyn)
The Olimpia's
Posal Sam Olimpia EX-93-IT | Same family
(Sudan x Legend)
Sudan from the Olimpia's
Posal Goldwyn Olimpia VG-89-IT | Full sister to 3rd dam
(Baily Chen x Bolton x Million)
Top ranking PTAT cow!


Regan-Joy Durham Roberta EX-90-USA
(Sanchez x Shottle)
Sanchez from Mr Sam & Mr Samuelo their family


Posal Shottle Marbella VG-85-IT 2yr.
(Shottle x Goldwyn)
Very deep Italian Cow family
Posal Shottle Marbella VG-85-IT 2yr.
(AltaIota x Shottle)
Home bred Marbella family
Posal jed Marbella EX-90-IT
(Superstition x Shottle)
Proven sire stack


Denmire Shottle Marie 132 VG-86-IT 2yr.
(Shottle x Morty)
The Denmire Marie family
Bogart Dolly
(Bogart x Bolton)
Same family as Mr Minister
Mr. Minister Sandra VG-86-IT | Full sister to dam
(Shottle x Mtoto)
Fantastic Italian Cow family

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Hotspots Autumn 2014
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International Successes
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Cream of the Crop at Posal
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Noci Show 2013
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All-Posal 2012
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