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SHV Nebraska

(Blossom x Superfit x Snowman)

#2 RZG Blossom daughter!


Hurkmans ET
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Reg No.



February 2, 2016

Genomic Result

DE 12/16 RZE +138 / RZM +133 / RZG +153


  • #2 Blossom daughter for RZG! (12/16)
  • Dam is the #1 RZG Superfit daughter (12/16)
  • Her sire and MGS are both great sire of sons for fitness trait
  • Grand dam is sister to Alta Cease
  • Going back on the great Gibbon Nancy EX-91!
  • Deep French cow family
  • Same family as the French dtr proven bull: Igale Masc
  • Owned with Rovers Holsteins (NL)


SHV Nevada VG-86-DE 2yr.
1/1La 305d 12.332kgM 3.8% 472F 3.3% 411P
  • #1 RZG Superfit daughter
  • Her sire, Superfit has super fitness traits
FLH Nelly VG-85-DE 2yr.
HL2 305d 10.038kgM 4.8% 480F 3.7% 368P
3/2La 305d 10.450kgM 4.4% 464F 3.4% 357P
  • Maternal sister to Alta Cease
  • Same family as Aspirant *P @ RUW
Flevo Genetics SNOWMAN
FLH Shottle Nena VG-87-DE
La1 305d 10.529kgM 3.9% 410F 3.4% 354P
3/3La 305d 12.053kgM 3.9% 468F 3.2% 388P
HL2 305d 13.341kgM 3.7% 492F 3.3% 433P
  • Dam to Alta Ceasar (s. Planet)

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