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Fernydale Farm, Earl Sterndale
SK17 0BS Derbyshire, United Kingdom





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Sterndale Shottle Ghost VG-89-UK 4yr.
(Lauthority x Shottle)
From 8 generations EXCELLENT
Sterndale Shot Ghost VG-88-UK 3yr.
(Shottle x Goldwyn)
Res. Champion Calf Show 2010
Sterndale Alexander Ghostly
(Alexander x Shottle)
Nom. Jr. Heifer All Britain '12
Sterndale Gold Ghostie EX-91-UK 4yr.
(Goldwyn x CB Allen)
Excellent Goldwyn from the Ghost family
Sterndale Baltimor Ghost | As maiden heifer
(Baltimor x CB Allen)
The great Ghost family


Sterndale Silver Ashlyn
(Silver x Shottle)
The Ashlyn cow family
Sterndale Gold Chip Ashlyn VG-87-UK 2yr.
(Gold Chip x Durham x Ashlyn EX-96)
HM. All-Britain Sr. Calf '14
Riverdane Talented Ashlyn EX-93-UK EX-94-MS 2E
(Talent x Durham x Ashlyn EX-96)
Grand daughter to Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96!
Sterndale Alexander Ashlyn VG-87-UK 2yr.
(Alexander x Durham)
Fantastic Show cow from the Ashlyns
Sterndale Gold Ashlyn EX-91-UK
(Sid x Goldwyn)
The new GOLDEN Cross!


Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody EX-97-UK
(Goldwyn x Shottle)
3 x Supreme & Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo!!


Sterndale Goldwyn Rae EX-93-UK
(Goldwyn x Kite)
From 8 generations EXCELLENT
Sterndale Snow Wyn Rae VG-87-UK 2yr.
(Snowman x Goldwyn)
Sterndale Byway Rae VG-87-UK 2yr.
(Byway x Snowman x Goldwyn)
2nd in her section @ UK Dairy Expo '19


Sterndale Deuce Rose Red EX-92-UK
(Deuce x Rubens)
Same maternal line as Redrose EX-96
Sterndale Advent Rosemary Red EX-91-UK
(Reflection x Advent)
Same maternal line as Redrose!


Farnear-TBR Bailey VG-87-USA
(Niagra x Shottle)
Maternal sister to YORICK!


Sterndale Talent Jodie EX-93-UK 5yr.
(Talent x Redman)
Grand Champion R&W UK Dairy Expo '14
Sterndale Colt Jodie Red
(Colt P x Sterling)
Res. R&W Jr. Champion UK Dairy Expo '14


Sterndale Jet Maureen Red | As Maiden Heifer
(Jet-Red x Advent)
1st Sr. Calf Staffordshire Show 2010
Sterndale Durham Electra EX-91-UK
(Durham x Encore)
7th generation of Excellent
Sterndale Mr. Sam Erle EX-91-UK 4yr.
(Mr Sam x Titanic)
Great Sire stack of the Erle's
Sterndale Atwood Papoose VG-88-UK 2yr.
(Atwood x Shottle)
14 Generations VG or EX!
Sterndale Advent Noel Red EX-90-UK
(Advent x Talent)
Diffrent branch of Altitude's
Sterndale Golden Promis *RC EX-91-UK
(Goldwyn x Advent)
RED CARRIER from Promis!

Fernydale Farm is home to both the Sterndale & Peak herds of Pedigree Holsteins. Set in the heart of the Peak District National Park in the UK. Bill Nadin has over the last few years built the Sterndale herd up to include some of the world's most renowned cow families. Bill's partner, Yasmin set up the Peak herd a few years ago and has family members from Anna, Lustre and Fran to name a few. The farm comprises of approximately 300 acres of grassland. It is a working dairy farm milking 100 holsteins, with approximately 120 dairy youngstock and breeding bulls always available for sale. Bill has recently teamed up with his daughter Susan and son in-law Mark Nutsford in selling semen through their own company KingStreet Sires. Young bulls are available from the Redrose, Ashlyn, Beauty, Ghost and Sara families and also an exciting Shottle bull from Savage-Leigh Licorice EX92.

Article Sterndale & Peak HI
Article Sterndale & Peak HI
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