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PTAT | Top 50 PTAT Cows (>2 years) - 12/17

December 2017
 NameSire StackCow FamilyGTPINMPTATOwner
1AMERICAN CUPCAKE 4Doorman x G W Atwood x ShottleRalma Christmas Cookie22603683.68American Holsteins (NL)
2ALEEDAArchrival x Doorman x G W AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen185363.64German Owned
3SARLOTT3Doorman x Numero Uno x SanchezPirolo Goldwyn Schady23894703.63Szell (Hun)
4H.TOBIAS AM MCC ADELA ETMccutchen x G W Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adele22453823.60Diamond Genetics & Hullcrest Holsteins (NL)
5EBA LIZAKingboy x Mogul x NiagraEBA Clara26357173.59GAEC Brilland / EBA Holsteins (FR)
6JIN CHERRYDoorman x Dempsey x XacobeoDemsey-Cherrygirl21993223.45JIN (FR)
7HOESP030904590964Commander x McCutchenGel Baxter23054063.44Gel (ES)
8CAMPA ATWOOD BRENDAG W Atwood x Sanchez x ShottleRegancrest-Pr Barbie1798-213.44Campa Holsteins (ES)
9HOLEC JOKIKingboy x Ladd-RedLavender Ruby Redrose23464103.43PrimeVal Genetics (NL)
10WILLSBRO ATWOOD AMBER 21-ETG W Atwood x Sid x ShottleRidgefield Gold Atlee1850213.40Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
11ALL.NURE ATWOOD-ENERGIA 1398G W Atwood x BoltonSan Giulio BLt Energia178283.36All.Nure Holsteins (IT)
12LORY JOYCEMillennium x Yorick x XacobeoFine-Uzies22854053.35Ferme Lorygenes (FR)
13WARNELVIEW DEMAN ATLEE ETDeman x Meridian x ShottleRidgefield Gold Atlee23624473.34Warnelview Holsteins (UK)
14WILLSBRO ATWOOD AMBER 25-ETG W Atwood x Sid x ShottleRidgefield Gold Atlee1832393.33Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
15H.TOBIAS AM MCC ADELANE ETMccutchen x G W Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adele22794193.31H. Tobias (ES)
16WILLSBRO DEMPSEY DORIS 18-ETDoorman x Dempsey x ShottleWillsbro Lavaman Doris22844033.31Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
17BAIXO DOORMAN CINDERELLA II EDoorman x Goldwyn x ShottleWilcoxview Cinderella22253053.31Baixo Holsteins (ES)
18SARLOTT4Doorman x Numero Uno x SanchezPirolo Goldwyn Schady21822973.31Szell (Hun)
19CCC COMMANDER SUMMERCommander x Mccutchen x LavanguardMisty Springs Suzanne23825053.29Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
20BRENLAND MCCUTCHEN DAWN-ETMccutchen x G W Atwood x ShottleScientific Debutante Rae23664793.29Anderstrup Holsteins (DK)
21GALYS-VRAYAtwood x Damion x LeadoffCorse-Vray1848313.29Mattenhof Holsteins, Staub & Al.Be.Ro (CH)
22POSAL DOORMAN FLEUR-ETKingboy x Epic x GoldwynBouw Goldwyn Fleur23264213.28Posal Holsteins (IT)
23VENDAIRY LILAC 5Doorman x Snowman x AltabaxterComestar Goldwyn Lilac21642713.26Ven Dairy Holsteins (NL)
24HEIDENSKIPSTER KINGBOY SUSANKingboy x Gerard x ShottleMorningview Converse Judy23584473.24Heidenskipster Holsteins (NL)
25TOWNLAW MCCUTCHEN MARCIE-ETMccutchen x G W Atwood x DuplexDixellen Rudolph Marvis21652653.24Townlaw Holsteins (UK)
26WILLSBRO KINGBOY AMBER 62-ETKingboy x Saloon x ShottleRidgefield Gold Atlee24785893.23Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
27BRENLAND MCCUTCHEN DAHLIA-ETMccutchen x G W Atwood x ShottleScientific Debutante Rae21623203.23Sweden (SW)
28HUYBEN DG MERIDANMeridian x G W Atwood x BoltonWilcoxview Cinderella21353183.23Huyben Holsteins (NL)
29WILLSBRO ATWOOD ANEEDA 3-ETG W Atwood x Domain x ShottleMs Andis Shottle Aneeda1650-1323.23Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
30LOLITAMillennium x Day x DomainRegan-Alh Domain Daya23404253.22French Owned
31LINDYMcCutchen x Bradnick x DeigeFavi Gindy22874083.22French Owned
32MOORMINA GOLD ET DE L EPINEDoorman x Gold Chip x SanchezAmi Griffe22033403.22French Owned
33MOORSHARD ATWOOD PARADISE ETG W Atwood x Damion x Sept StormMiss Paradises Presence1833433.22Ponderosa Holsteins (ES)
34PUTTERCREST ALEXIIS-ETArchrival x Gold Chip x G W AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1692-1293.22French Owned
35LOGAN KINGBOY AMBROSIA 2-ETKingboy x Numero Uno x G W AtwoodSmiddiehill Toystory Ambrosia22473663.21Logan Holsteins (UK)
36LUCIOLEKingboy x Shotglass x WindbrookDes-Y-Planet Silk24285343.20French Owned
37CUNDINS ALICE KINGBOYKingboy x G W Atwood x ShottleSherona-Hill Champ Angel23274683.20Cundins (ES)
38HODEU000357787365G W Atwood x Goldwyn x ShottleRegancrest-Pr Barbie1831403.20German Owned
39A-L-H BELLEG W Atwood x Mac x DurhamRegancrest-Pr Barbie1655-1553.20Alh Genetics (NL)
40SABBIONA DOORMAN PARISDoorman x Windbrook x MillionSabbiona Clelia22984203.19Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
41CANILI DOORMAN TOLONADoorman x Lotta-Hill x JeevesRoyal Jeeves Rose22343443.19Canili Holsteins (IT)
42LACAPITALECapital Gain x Mogul x Man-O-ManBrabantdale Goldwyn Spanie23604823.18French Owned
43WW DM ANEMOONDoorman x Mogul x Man-O-ManMs Atlees Goldwyn Ariel23174283.17Westerwolda (NL)
44ORTONGRANGE KB FOOLS RED-ETKingboy x Ladd P-Red x AftershockStoneden Fools Gold Red22343793.17Ortongrange (UK)
45SAN-RIAN TAREIXA MCCUTCHEN-ETMccutchen x Lauthority x AirraidErnest-Anthony Chief Tara21453033.17San-Rian (ES)
46OCKEMA MC CUTCHEN -ETMccutchen x G W Atwood x ShottleMs Kingstead Chief Adeen21593013.17ARGH Holsteins (NL)
47JADOREDoorman x Famous Man x GoldwynHotesse23164363.16French Owned
48AMKEAMcCutchen x Meridian x BogartAmke23384653.15German Owned
49LENAKingboy x Dempsey x MacRegancrest-Pr Barbie22533523.15German Owned
50MB DOORMAN-STELLADoorman x Lauthority x Man-O-ManSher-Est Patron Saucy22043383.15MB (FR)


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