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September 2018 | Top 25 NM$ European Females

September 2018
1ISLANDPRIDE RIVRDAN AGRO ZOE Agronaut x Delta x ChevroletWindsor-Manor Rud Zip98928841.38Islandpride & Riverdane Holsteins (UK)
2HODEU000953362890Dynamo x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 701297928041.65German Owned
3HODEU000953362886Dynamo x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 701297628331.47German Owned
4HODEU000953362882Dynamo x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 701296027581.18German Owned
5HODEU000953362881Dynamo x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 701295927770.83German Owned
6PRIMEVAL 1391 Nightsky x Delta x SupersireCookiecutter Mom Halo95228672.28Primeval Genetics (NL)
7HODEU000953362889Dynamo x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 701294828061.50German Owned
8HODEU000953362884Dynamo x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 701294827981.55German Owned
9DG BLESSIN Frazzled x Delta x SupersireMs DG-TM Delta Blake94827411.25Diamond Genetics (NL)
10DG DV CRISTALLE Dynamo x Josuper x MogulLarcrest Crimson93827852.06Diamond Genetics & De Volmer (NL)
11DG DV CHRISTIMAX Imax x Josuper x MogulLarcrest Crimson93327372.00Diamond Genetics & De Volmer (NL)
12HOBEL000761532835Jedi x Delta x ShottleBvk Outside Diana93228191.78Belgium Owned
13HUL-STEIN CROWN MUSIC Medley x Profit x PlatinumStantons Freddie Cameo92427160.94Hul-Stein (NL)
14HS DG NADY Frazzled x Jedi x SupershotTir-An Uno Nelina92327301.38Hul-Stein & Diamond Genetics (NL)
15PEAK MON CARMEN 9874 Altamontoya x Jedi x SupershotCol Carmen92128101.37Peak Genetics (NL)
16CRISTELLA OLONA ET Dynasty x HOITA01999512266691627581.36Italian Owned
17HOGBR706042704908Achiever x Bourbon x Troy Larcrest Caboodle91527351.05British Owned
18BROEKS FREIMA-ET Imax x Modesty x KingboyAija Man O Man Naomi91328422.83Broekhuis Vee (NL)
19HS DG NANCE Benz x Jedi x SupershotTir-An Uno Nelina90827501.19Hul-Stein & Diamond Genetics (NL)
20DG DV CHRISTI Dynamo x Josuper x MogulLarcrest Crimson90727371.58Diamond Genetics & De Volmer (NL)
21HS DG NADINA Benz x Jedi x SupershotTir-An Uno Nelina90627651.66Hul-Stein & Diamond Genetics (NL)
22HS DG NADIA Benz x Jedi x SupershotTir-An Uno Nelina90227781.66Hul-Stein & Diamond Genetics (NL)
23SABBIONA PRISCILLA ET Padawan x Duke x RubiconLadys-Manor Pl Shandra89728381.68Italian Owned
24WILDER JOYTOUCH Guarantee x Afterburner x MontrossRichmond-Fd S Barbara89427190.89Wilder Holsteins (DE)
25HODEU000361081319Superhero x Rubicon x BookemBen-Akers Luise 589127992.48German Owned


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