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GTPI | Top 25 PTAT Cows (>2 Years) - 08/18

August 2018
1ARCHRIVAL ARIANNEArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen2006854.05Batouwe Holsteins & Rob Schouten (NL)
2HUHNE CREMONABeemer x Atwood x SanchezMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1950923.91Canadian Cattle Club (NL)
3FLORA BEEMER ADRIANA-ETBeemer x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adeena1841-123.91Flora Holsteins (ESP)
4SIEPERMANN ADELEArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1924343.89Zuchtbetrieb Siepermann (DE)
5DUCHESS ANDRIETTA ARCHArchrival x Doorman x GoldwynButz-Butler Gold Barbara20191313.86Dutch Owned
6FLORA BEEMER ADALINE ETBeemer x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adeena1923723.85Flora Holsteins (ESP)
7HODEU000358974482Beemer x Doorman x AtwoodBvk Atwood Abbatha1936973.81German Owned
8PEREIRA ARCHRIVAL M M ARIANNAArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodBvk Atwood Arianna20211203.79Portugalia Owned
9ANISAArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1822-123.78German Owned
10AMERICAN CUPCAKE 4Doorman x Atwood x ShottleRalma Christmas Cookie22713783.72Dutch Owned
11CARIFARM DOORMAN WINNIE-ETDoorman x MillonCarifarm Royal M. Frosty20612013.71Italian Owned
12CAPS FLORA ATWOOD AD-ETSolomon x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adeena1921783.71Caps Holsteins (NL)
13ALEEDAArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodBvk Atwood Arianna1817-243.66German Owned
14ROEBRIDGE WINDBROOK ROBIN ETWindbrook x Atwood x RoyAstrahoe Lj Rosa Rebel1845383.64UK Owned
15LITTLEBRIDGE SOLOMON FLO-ETs. SolomonHOGBR12352650144019721073.61UK Owned
16H.TOBIAS AM MCC ADELA ETMccutchen x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adeena22273473.59Bolleholster Holsteins (NL)
17SABBIONA ARIANNA ETDoorman x Mccutchen x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen20851433.59Italian Owned
18FeliceBeemer x DeltaHPH Shottle Malmo1935983.58Genesland (DE)
19PONDEROSA DOORMAN HONEY ETDoorman x Numero Uno x Hvezda *RCHopeful20661243.56Ponderosa (EPS)
20NOHL-SALLYArchrival x Goldwyn x JasperBrabantdale Triumphant Spooky1800-163.56French Owned
21PJP INOUIEMeridian x Atwood x BoltonPJP Agile20181873.55PJP (FR)
22HS BEEMER ATLEE III ETBeemer x Mascalese x ShottleRiverdance Shottle Angel1887393.54Spanish Owned
23MAYWOOD DU TOMBUY-ETDoorman x Dempsey x AltabaxterRF Goldwyn Hailey21972863.52French Owned
24AL. CE DOORMAN SARAH ETDoorman x Atwood x MacFustead Oman Samantha21252083.50Italian Owned
25HODEU000358349639Beemer x Delta x ShottleHPH Shottle Malmo1919823.49German Owned


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