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GTPI | Top 25 PTAT Calves (<9 Months) - 12/18

December 2018
1BWN CAMOMILLAUndenied x Archrival x DoormanSilvermaple Damion Camomile20841574.44BWN Holsteins (NL)
2PRISMAGEN ATTACKEDelight x Beemer x DoormanMs Skychief Chief Adeen192914.34PrismaGen (DE)
3ARGH FUDGEDelight x Beemer x DeltaWI Beemer Felli1837-264.29Dueholm Breeding (DK)
4PRISMAGEN ADELEUndenied x Beemer x DoormanPrismaGen Beemer Adelelina19911194.26David Taylor (UK)
5GEN BRYLOUndenied x Crush x MogulCol DG Brylin23853994.24Genesland (DE)
6UNDENIED SOMETIMESUndenied x Commander x MccutchenCCC Commander Summer23193884.22Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
7CCC-HU EMILIO-CREMONA (2)Emilio x Beemer x AtwoodBeemer x Farnear Corona20191384.16Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
8NH UNDENIED BAHAMAUndenied x Beemer x SanchezRegancrest-PR Barbie21242154.09Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
9SHG UNDENIED HAYAUndenied x Brokaw x MccutchenStakkehave Hope21322084.07SHG Breeding (DK)
10PRISMAGEN ANDYBRUNSUndenied x Beemer x DoormanMs Skychief Chief Adeen20431844.07PrismaGen (DE)
11GEN FRIEDAUndenied x Beemer x DeltaQuality Felice20761944.00Genesland (DE)
12DH NH AMAZINGKing Doc x Monterey x MogulAl-Lew Monterey Ashley26376473.98Diamond Genetics, Vlis & Nosbisch (DE)
13SHG UNDENIED HEARTUndenied x Brokaw x MccutchenStakkehave Hope21652543.97SHG Breeding (DK)
14UPS K L ADEENAJordy x Archrival x DoormanArchrival Arianne19651023.95BWN Holsteins (NL)
15PRISMAGEN ADEEN 5.0Delight x Beemer x DoormanMs Skychief Chief Adeen19971293.94PrismaGen (DE)
16MATTENHOF UNIX GAIANAUnix x Atwood x DamionGalys-Vray21752743.93DG, Nosbisch, Vlis, Stame & Siepermann
17DE DORRE JORDY LAURIE-ETJordy x Solomon x DamionDe Dorre Solomon Lauri1974833.91De Dorre Holsteins (NL)
18JACOBY ANYA 4Jacoby x Atwood x ShottleBolleholster Albertina1910513.91Dutch Owned
19DG NH ARISTOKing Doc x Monterey x MogulAl-Lew Monterey Ashley25445663.90Benoit Toullec (FR)
20ROTA DOC TREASUREKing Doc x Atwood x ShottleRota Atwood Megan23684273.89Rota Holsteins (IT)
21ARGH FUNDENIEDUndenied x Beemer x DeltaWI Beemer Felli20021473.89ARGH Holsteins (NL)
22HOESP061112112610UndeniedHOESP00270431160121903043.85Spanish Owned
23ARGH FINALEUndenied x Beemer x DeltaWI Beemer Felli20651793.85ARGH Holsteins (NL)
24CARMEN 1-ETSolomon x Atwood x DoormanDG JK Carmen20541313.84Diamond Genetics & JK Eder (NL)
25ARGH FAITHDelight x Beemer x DeltaWI Beemer Felli1962783.84ARGH Holsteins (NL)


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