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USA - TOP 10 PROTEIN females - 12/18

December 2018
1DG ELINEJedi x Montross x SupersireAll.Nure Supersire Eleonor266026427389Diamond Genetics (NL)
2VILMA6507                     Jedi x Denver x SupersireVilma268228439488Hungarian Owned
3WETHERTON JEDI HUE-ETJedi x Balisto x EpicLookout Pesce Epic Hue262420016687Diamond Genetics (NL)
4COL DG CORSAJedi x Josuper x MogulLarcrest Calinda262723347086Hul-Stein & Diamond Genetics (NL)
5VILMA6572                     Jedi x Denver x SupersireVilma276924548385Hungarian Owned
6WOLKENBERG DG CARINADynamo x Jedi x HeadlinerRalma Finley C-F Chuckle272926648585Diamond Genetics & Wolkenberg (NL)
7VILMA6487                     Jedi x Denver x SupersireVilma268725918284Hungarian Owned
8MIRABELL SSIRE SHANA ET       Supersire x Shottle x GoldwynMirabell Nizza2580221511184Italian Owned
9GALIVERTA JEDI FLAVIA ET      Jedi x Mikkel x HeadlinerOcd Dorcy Memphis Eve258824434683Italian Owned
10ANGELINA JOSUPER VALPADANA    Josuper x Mogul x PlanetAngelina Planet Pacifica2583282410483Italian Owned


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