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USA | Top 50 NM$ Cows (>2 years) - 12/19

December 2019
1HOGBR706042504318Spectre x AltaSpring x LatimerMs Delicious Latenight27639761.78Denovo (UK)
2KOEPON TOPSHOT RUBY 5-ETAltaTopshot x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Bkm Regenia 10427059660.83Koepon Genetics (NL)
3ALL.NURE RUBICON BALOU LOU ETRubicon x Balisto x EpicGillette Garrett Lookas27909582.36Al.Be.Ro (IT)
4HOGBR706042404324Achiever x Delta x SupersireNo-Fla Massey 3019426939511.36UK Owned
5LILIXHelix x AltaSpring x DonatelloKings-Ransom Dntll Limerick27759372.20German Owned
6DG OH DANIELLAAltaTopshot x Rubicon x Aikman *RCTelgter Aikman Doreen27229361.70Diamond Genetics & de Oosterhof (NL)
7HOGBR949027110303Achiever x Supershot x Numero UnoGlamour Carlin26799341.00Boghill / Glamour (UK)
8HOGBR949027110325Achiever x Supershot x Numero UnoGlamour Carlin26589341.15Boghill / Glamour (UK)
9CROSSFELL RUBICON MILLA-ETRubicon x Supersire x SnowmanRamos Camille27509272.18Progenesis Group (CAN)
10CROSSFELL RUBICON CAMILLA-ETRubicon x Supersire x SnowmanRamos Camille26789251.48Crossfell (UK)
11LUIS-OOH SUNING ETApprentice *RC x Delta x BookemMs Brandys Bethany27449191.47Italian Owned
12HOGBR706042104335Achiever x Supershot x MonarchNo-Fla Monarch Bri 3839527039161.58Denovo (UK)
13HOGBR708569100884Achiever x Supershot x Numero UnoGlamour Carlin26799091.45Boghill / Glamour (UK)
141576Burley x Octoberfest x MoonraySSI Moonray Myesha27439082.02Dutch Owned
15ELITESTREET APPRENTICE SPIRIT REDApprentice *RC x Delta x Sympatico *RCSnowbiz Sympatico Sofia26939081.91Genesland & Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
16HUL-STEIN SWEET FLAG 2Flagship x Rubicon x SupersireHul-Stein Sweet Ruby26349080.83P. de Groot (NL)
17KOEPON TOPSHOT RUBY 6-ETAltaTopshot x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Bkm Regenia 10427129071.82Koepon Genetics (NL)
18MIRABELL SSIRE SHANA ETSupersire x Shottle x GoldwynMirabell Sciassy26969072.04Mirabell Holsteins (IT)
19KOEPON TOPSHOT RUBY 7-ETSAltaTopshot x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Bkm Regenia 10427079031.84Koepon Genetics (NL)
20HOGBR706042204315Burley x Josuper x Numero UnoLarcrest Cardigan26759031.32UK Owned
21SAN-RIAN SANRECAM LOTERYDelta-Beta x Supershot x FanaticHul-Stein Lotus26789021.66Spanish Owned
22HOGBR706042304330Modesty x Yoder x AltaEmbassySeagull-Bay Miss America25528980.39UK Owned
23A-L-H SOLERO-ETDelta x Supersire x Numero UnoMs Dreary Delorean27048952.33Polish Owned
24K&L OH MABEL-ETGranite x Rubicon x CashcoinMaybelline28068943.00De Oosterhof & K&L (NL)
25DG BIENEBurley x Delta x SupersireCalbrett Supersire Barb26368941.67Diamond Genetics (NL)
26REDHOUSE 1980 FRAZZLED JEMFrazzled x Miles x OttoRedhouse 1249 Otto Jem25998910.80Redhouse Holsteins (NL)
27PRIMEVAL 8490-ETKing Royal x Delta x SupersireCookiecutter Mom Halo27648902.75Primeval Genetics (NL)
28HUL-STEIN CAMEO 2Modesty x Rubicon x ShamrockStantons Freddie Cameo25788901.36P. de Groot (NL)
29VILMA 51408Denver x Supersire x ForkVilma's26748851.92Milkmen (HUN)
30NO-PE YODER ELENA-ETYoder x Supersire x SuperMorningview Super Ellie25778850.89No-Pe (CZE)
31HOGBR949027110336Achiever x Supershot x Numero UnoGlamour Carlin26338801.16Boghill / Glamour (UK)
32A-L-H YASMIR-ETHelix x Yoder x SupersireMiller-FF Ssire Exotic26868792.16A-L-H Genetics (NL)
33NECTARINEGatedancer x Rubicon x AltaMeteorBomaz Freddie 532926358741.61French Owned
34KOEPON DUKE GENUA 40Duke x Kingboy x AltaEmbassyKoepon Jeeves Genua 226728731.94Koepon Genetics (NL)
35HACKETT DELTA CECILIA-ETDelta x Day x PlanetLarcrest Comet26458722.03Hackett Holsteins (UK)
36DG EMILIEEugenio x Montross x SupersireAll.Nure Supersire Eleono26378721.73Diamond Genetics (NL)
37DG CAMEEHelix x Supershot x MogulDG Candide26918711.59Diamond Genetics (NL)
38MISS MAGICSuperhero x Silver x SupersirePen-Col Bookem Mattie27288702.18German Owned
39NH SUNVIEW GYM MYSTERYGymnast x Balisto x SudanNH HS Balisto Marilyn Monroe26908691.52Nosbisch Holsteins & Sunview (DE / CAN)
40MBGatedancer x Commander x SupersirePine-Tree Sharla Daphne26888672.01German Owned
41PRIMEVAL 1357Frazzled x Montross x Numero UnoVision-Gen SH Frd A1230426608661.41Primeval Genetics (NL)
42CROSSFELL RUBICON CAMILLE-ETRubicon x Supersire x SnowmanRamos Camille26178661.28Crossfell (UK)
43KOEPON HOTLINE RUBY 11-ETHotline x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Bkm Regenia 10427458643.13Koepon Genetics (NL)
44KOEPON RUBY-ANNRubicon x Jabir x BookemKoepon Bkm Regenia 10426558641.96Koepon Genetics (NL)
45HOGBR706042704313Spectre x AltaSpring x LatimerMs Delicious Latenight26248641.55UK Owned
46HUL-STEIN SWEET RUBYRubicon x Supersire x ShamrockAll.Nure Baxter Silvy25788631.56Rijnhof Holsteins (NL)
47COL DG LEILAGatedancer x Supersire x RussellWellcome Russell Lisbeth25708621.19Genesland (DE)
48HULSTEIN SWEET RUBIERubicon x Supersire x ShamrockAll.Nure Baxter Silvy25458621.05UK Owned
49AMIGHETTI RUBICON ALBANY ETRubicon x Supersire x SnowmanAmighetti Shottle Ave26228611.54Amighetti Holsteins (IT)
50WILLSBRO RUBICON EMILYANNRubicon x Numero Uno x Gold ChipHOGBR38270220806826598602.24Willsbro (UK)


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