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USA | Top 25 RED CARRIER PTAT females - 12/19

December 2019
1HODEU000540569259King Doc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red20654.042.972.12A. Middelkampf (DE)
2Lb Alice RCJordy-Red x Doorman x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red18743.993.282.70K. Leus (BE)
3Panda Tacktik AtlantaTatoo x McGucci x Destry *RCKHW Regiment Apple-Red20863.983.412.43Willsbro (UK)
4Cirio Agricola ApticaKing Doc x Doorman x Regment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red23113.952.692.71Cirio Holsteins (IT)
5HODEU000540484827King Doc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red21863.903.261.80A. Middelkampf (DE)
6Bliss Unstopabull Dynasty ETUnstopabull-Red x Atwood x ShottleHahncrest Atw Danica20513.893.592.65UK Owned
7Ups K&L AdeenaJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanHC Archrival Arianne18793.863.092.53BWN Holsteins (NL)
8C.M.E. Defiant SemmyDefiant *RC x Atwood x SanchezMiss Paradises Presence18093.833.132.54Italian Owned
9M&S Jordy AdyaJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanBVK Atwood Arianna17893.762.532.52M&S Holsteins (PRT)
10HOITA061990937568King Doc x Doorman x Regment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red23323.703.003.08Italian Owned
11Heatherleigh Doorman Armana-EDoorman x Numero Uno x Regiment-ReKHW Regiment Apple-Red22853.683.021.87Heaterleigh Holsteins (UK)
12De Dorre Jordy Laurie-ETJordy-Red x Solomon x DamionComestar Lau Damion18933.672.512.39De Dorre Holsteins (NL)
13M&S Jordy AbyaJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanBVK Atwood Arianna16773.672.481.93M&S Holsteins (PRT)
14B&S AlexisJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanHC Archrival Arianne19223.642.932.54DDS Holsteins (FR)
15Bliss Unstopabull Dynamic ETUnstopabull-Red x Atwood x ShottleHahncrest Atw Danica22423.632.922.09UK Owned
16Nm 71674Solomon x Contender x Advent-RedLuck-E Advent Atlanta18133.562.731.67Nessetalmilch GmbH (DE)
17De Dorre Artist AppleArtist x Integral *RC x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red23123.542.902.39De Dorre Holsteins (NL)
18Feizor Ammo D Kandie-ETAmmo-P *RC x Defiant *RC x Advent-RedLuck-E Advent Kandie18023.542.951.27UK Owned
19HODEU001604166563Sidekick x Diamondback *RC x ContenderLuck-E Advent Atlanta21723.532.942.03German Owned
20De Dorre Jordy Laurie 2-ETJordy-Red x Solomon x DamionComestar Lau Damion19443.522.462.25De Dorre Holsteins (NL)
21Valrose Jordy IllyJordy-Red x Atwood x Mr TopM.E.DAL Rudolph Ilary19233.522.622.88Valrose Holsteins (IT)
22Argh Dg Nh Awesome RCDefiant *RC x Redburst-Red x Advent-RedLuck-E Advent Atlanta18753.503.091.87Ruth Harper (UK)
23Lb Arya RCJordy-Red x Atwood x Talent *RCKHW Regiment Apple-Red17843.502.742.69La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
24Corringham Apl Crisp Summer-EApple-Crisp *RC x Brokaw x McCutchenWalnutlawn McCutchen Summer20863.493.322.03UK Owned
25All Cast Jordyred Europa *RCJordy-Red x Awesome-Red x Destry *RCFradon Rudolph Jodie16523.452.892.10Il Castagno, A. Locatelli, Q. Serrabassa & Triangle Holstein (IT)


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