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USA | Top 25 NET MERIT females - 03/20

March 2020
1WILDER CLARKAristocrat x Spectre x ProfitAnderstrup Mom Carine283110591.73Wilder Holsteins (DE)
2PETALEAristocrat x Gatedancer x RubiconBomaz Freddie 5329286610422.40French Owned
3SJK 0706Charl x Delta x SupersireCookiecutter Mom Halo278610401.20S J K Holsteins (NL)
4HOGBR100751503609Herioc x Achiever x AltaSpringDe-Su Supersire 3349281810291.47UK Owned
5TIRSVAD K&L RIVETING MAGNOLIARiveting x Superhero x SilverPen-Col Silver Missy287910191.72Tirsvad Holsteins (DK) & GenHotel (NL)
6DUNBANARD CRIMSON HOPE ETCrimson x Superhero x MontrossCookiecutter Mom Halo278410081.21Dunbanard Holsteins (UK)
7TIRSVAD K&L RIVETING MERCEDESRiveting x Superhero x SilverPen-Col Silver Missy28319971.48Tirsvad Holsteins (DK) & GenHotel (NL)
8REDHOUSE 2235 FYI DEEFYI x AltaRecoil x JosuperRedhouse 117 Josuper Dee27779971.15Redhouse Holsteins (UK)
9PLEDGEAristocrat x Hotline x Alta1stclassWiamy Kyana Bolton28379962.18French Owned
10HONLD000631005410Crimson x Rubi-Agronaut x JosuperPlain-Knoll Mogul Mariah27769941.46Dutch Owned
11S.J.K 0704Update x AltaTopshot x KingboyCookiecutter Mom Halo28109831.90S J K Holsteins (NL)
123STAR OH SUNNYSIDERubels-Red x Salvatore *RC x RubiconDymentholm Sunview Sunday27979732.43De Oosterhof & GenHotel (NL)
13CAPOENS 7456 SOLU 413Solution x Modesty x TangoPen-Col Pt 14 Tango 654327019731.38Capoens Holsteins (BE)
14HOGBR161313404388Entity x Spectre x Powerball-PButlerview Sr Julie27149700.85UK Owned
15MAGICALCrimson x Rubi-Agronaut x JosuperPlain-Knoll Mogul Mariah27579631.53GenHotel (NL)
16CAPOENS 7589 GAME 424Gamechanger x Achiever x DamarisSeagull-Bay Oman Mirror27149611.32Capoens Holsteins (BE)
17BROEKLANDERSolution x Outlast x SilverUfm-Dubs Sheray27479572.17Broeklander Holsteins (NL)
18PAULINEAristocrat x Hotline x Alta1stclassWiamy Kyana Bolton29039563.41French Owned
19WILDER CLEMENTINEAristocrat x Spectre x ProfitAnderstrup Mom Carine27909551.93Wilder Holsteins (DE)
20GD OCDAltaForce x Flagship x DeltaLadys-Manor Grf Lauren27729551.65Genes Diffusion (FR)
21VENDAIRY JASMIN 4679Solution x King Royal x SilverVendairy Willie27549551.81Vendairy (NL)
22TIRSVAD K&L RIVETING MANDALAYRiveting x Superhero x SilverPen-Col Silver Missy27729461.90Tirsvad Holsteins (DK) & GenHotel (NL)
23AQUILA SOLUTION SUSANNASolution x Modesty x JosuperH. Aquila Josuper Melita27279451.72Aquila Holsteins (IT)
24GEN BLOOMEmbellish x Big Bubba x DeltaLeaninghouse Delta 2208627869431.81Genesland (DE)
25TIRSVAD K&L RIVETING MALAYSIARiveting x Superhero x SilverPen-Col Silver Missy27449421.40Tirsvad Holsteins (DK) & GenHotel (NL)


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