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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 03/20

March 2020
1QUALITY LB CRUSHABULL LUSTCrushabull x Solomon x GoldwynBosdale Gold Luster21264.381582.133.39La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
2GEN BIBIANHaniko x Undenied x CrushOh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan25024.2310832.793.49Genesland (DE)
3RIS 02598Crushtime x Beemer x DoormanEastside Lewisdale Gold Missy20384.21-382.383.39Rising Star Holstiens (LUX)
4HOLBEN THUNDER SNAP-ETThunder Storm x Redburst-Red x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red20873.97-442.413.19UK Owned
5LA PORTEA DOC CAMILLA ETKing Doc x Doorman x AtwoodSilvermaple Damion Camomile21693.965861.832.64La Portea Holsteins (IT)
6HOFRA002299402044King Royal x Archrival x DoormanHC Archrival Arianne22273.957411.852.87French Owned
7WILTOR CRUSHABULL APPLE-ETCrushabull x Doorman x AtwoodKHW Regiment Apple-Red21193.952702.182.75Wiltor Holsteins (UK)
8JK EDER DG CARMEN 5Dylan x Solomon x AtwoodCarf Emeraude22323.8710131.973.35JK Eder Holsteins & Diamond Genetics (NL)
9PIXISTORMThunder StormGoldwyn Bernice19863.85631.812.99GAEC Toullec (FR)
10LUCK-E LB ALTITUDE ANA-REDAltitude-Red x McGucci *RC x Advent-RedLuck-E McGucci Afro-Red20523.81-6191.943.01La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
11BUITENEIND LAURI 29Undenied x Atwood x DamionHONLD00062548542819413.8-1332.282.63Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
12UNDENIED CHARLEYUndenied x Archrival x DoormanSilvermaple Damion Camomile19703.79-4501.661.7Brekelmans-Rovers V.O.F. (NL)
13CIRIO AGRICOLA DANCERArtist x Archrival x DoormanBVK Atwood Arianna19713.78-521.292.85Cirio Agricola (IT)
14BAIXO WILSON MATRIX ETWilson x Dempsey x AtwoodBaixo Duplex Maruxa I19193.75-4282.422.95Baixo Holsteins (ESP)
15BAIXO EMILIO PATSY IIIEmilio x Solmon x BradnickBaixo Solomon Paisy II18823.758231.132.7Baixo Holsteins (ESP)
16BEEZE OLDLEUS FIONACrushtime x Delight x BeemerWI Beemer Felli20023.733002.043.12Beeze Holsteins (NL)
17UNDENIED CHELSEYUndenied x Archrival x DoormanSilvermaple Damion Camomile19453.73-8362.061.97Brekelmans-Rovers V.O.F. (NL)
18PATTYHaniko x 1st Grade x YorickLory-Uzies23123.723902.23.37French Owned
19BAIXO JACOBY LIZAJacoby x Brendy x NiagraLylehaven Lila Z19793.721661.173.2Baixo Holsteins (ESP)
20LB DANISH REDAltitude-Red x Aatwood x ShottleHahncrest Atw Danica21343.71871.982.92La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
21RZA 42002Raptor x Airlift x DoormanSilvermaple Damion Camomile18873.71-501.812.69German Owned
22BAIXO APPLY MARUXY IVApply x Doorman x AtwoodBaixo Duplex Maruxa I20673.68-2091.533.29Baixo Holsteins (ESP)
23RZA 42040Unix x Airlift x DoormanSilvermaple Damion Camomile20873.669192.133.47German Owned
24EBA PLAYAAltaDateline x Sillian x KingboyEBA Heazy26523.5915622.462.83EBA Holsteins (FR)
25CIRIO AGRICOLA AT3AltaDateline x King Abel x SilverMD-Delight Durham Atlee26793.5914421.983.29Cirio Agricola (IT)


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