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USA | Top 50 GTPI Cows (>2 Years) - 08/20

August 2020
1NANCYHelix x AltaLeaf x DonatelloJenniton Bolton Rowena29097381.27French Owned
2K&L OH MABEL-ETGranite x Rubicon x CashcoinMaybelline-Tual28606622.14De Oosterhof Holsteins & GenHotel (NL)
3HODEU000953362880Dynamo x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 106128567151.44Schrürer-Hammon (DE)
4HODEU000360964854Sound System x Emerich x SupersireWillems Hoeve Rita 15628456701.45German Owned
5MAR OKSANHelix x Octoberfest x MoonraySSI Moonray Myesha28436571.45Masterrind (DE)
6LILIXHelix x AltaSpring x DonatelloKings-Ransom Dntll Limerick28416971.43German Owned
7HONLD000743015761Burley x Octoberfest x MoonraySSI Moonray Myesha28346951.12Dutch Owned
8VO AIKAMission P *RC x Silver x SupersireZani Bolton Diane28246761.09German Owned
9HONLD000623184972Burley x Octoberfest x MoonraySSI Moonray Myesha28166601.29Dutch Owned
10ALL NURE GUARA GELOU (2547)Guarantee x Rubicon x BalistoGil Balisto Loulou28157221.02Al.Be.Ro (IT)
11ALL.NURE RUBICON BALOU LOU ETRubicon x Balisto x EpicGillette Garrett Lookas28106871.48Al.Be.Ro (IT)
12THI CALIFORNIBoard x Smurf x MascolBicenetic Christina28026730.99Thoenes Holsteins (DE)
13HOGBR949027108526Hurricane x Silver x Numero UnoLarcrest Carlin28016191.82Boghill & Glamour (UK)
14HOGBR103122303078Achiever x Rubicon x SupersireZandenburg Snowman Camilla27997560.27Crossfell Holsteins (UK)
15HOGBR706042504318Spectre x AltaSpring x LatimerMs Delicous Latenight27987150.62UK Owned
16SHA GUAVEBenz x Rubicon x BalistoGeorgina27976510.70Masterrind (DE)
17OOCHIGEASHelix x AltaLeaf x DonatelloJenniton Bolton Rowena27965911.98French Owned
18GO-FARM CORINA ET TWIN (2105)Guarantee x AltaHotrod x McCutchenHendel Smrk Beline 340427926261.48Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
19KOEPON DUKE RUBY 14-ETDuke x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Bkm Regenia 10427926991.06Koepon Genetics (NL)
20PRIMEVAL 8490-ETKing Royal x Delta x SupersireCookiecutter Mom Halo27906192.10SJK Holsteins (NL)
21MIRABELL SIGNORIAImax x Supersire x ShottleMirabell Sciassy27896691.41Mirabell Holsteins (IT)
22DOTTI SILVER ATOLLA ETSilver x Doorman x AtwoodMarkwell Rudolph Rhoda27885352.89Dotti Holsteins (IT)
23MBGatedancer x Commander x SupersirePine-Tree Sharla Daphne27826351.16German Owned
24GAH OLGA DES GRILLESGymnast x Brodie x BalistoPeckenstein Luke Kirsten27806131.44Genesland & Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
25LUIS-OOH MONIA ETAchiever x Araxis x RodgersClear-Echo M-O-M 215027807050.58Italian Owned
26CROSSFELL RUBICON MILLA-ETRubicon x Supersire x SnowmanZandenburg Snowman Camilla27756701.33Peak Genetics (NL)
27CNH K&L HESTER-ETSound System x Delta x SupersireCookiecutter Mom Halo27756191.68CNH Holsteins & GenHotel (NL)
28GO-FARM SAMBA ET (2197)Hotline x Battlecry x DoormanNoard Easter Sandy27735921.98Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
29KOEPON HOTLINE RUBY 11-ETHotline x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Bkm Regenia 10427705702.50Koepon Genetics (NL)
30HOGBR706042404324Achiever x Delta x SupersireNo-Fla Oman Liana 2197427697050.57UK Owned
31GO-FARM BIGA (2145)Guarantee x AltaHotrod x McCutchenHendel Smrk Beline 340427686171.34Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
32HOGBR706042104335Achiever x Supershot x MonarchNo-Fla Gusto Sandy 2464427676660.80UK Owned
33GLAMOUR VERONA CARLIN C ETVerona x Supershot x Numero UnoLarcrest Carlin27666600.31Boghill & Glamour (UK)
34HODEU000540421557Supreme x Battlecry x BossSarah27626920.54German Owned
35NH SUNVIEW GYM MYSTERYGymnast x Balisto x SudanNH-HS Balisto Marilyn Monroe27606340.72Nosbisch Holsteins (DE) & Sunview (CAN)
36HOGBR706042204315Burley x Josuper x Numero UnoLarcrest Cardigan27596800.54UK Owned
37DG ELISpectre x Montross x SupersireAll.Nure Supersire Eleonor2758741-0.01Diamond Genetics (NL)
38GO-FARM SAILORMOON ET (2193)Hotline x Battlecry x DoormanNoard Easter Sandy27575342.18Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
39NAURIANEHotline x Alta1stclass x SupersireWiamy Kyana Bolton27565792.15French Owned
40ALL NURE GUARA-BALOU (2550)Guarantee x Rubicon x BalistoGillette Garrett Lookas27566680.67Al.Be.Ro (IT)
41HOBEL000413850805Helix x Kingboy x RobustPen-Col Robust Harp27535941.44Capoens Holsteins (BE)
42HODEU000953362890Dynamo x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 106127496860.91Genesland (DE)
43RH NS HAVE 3583-ETNightsky x Delta x SupersireCookiecutter Mom Halo27486231.25A. Weren (NL)
44LUIS-OOH SUNING ETApprentice *RC x Delta x BookemMs Brandys Bethany27466520.53Italian Owned
45HODEU000953362866Medley x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 106127456520.96Schrürer-Hammon (DE)
46GLAMOUR BOGHILL HELIX ETHelix x Numero Uno x RobustLarcrest Carlin27455751.60Boghill & Glamour (UK)
47GO-FARM SHIMANA ET (2195)Hotline x Battlecry x DoormanNoard Easter Sandy27445592.01Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
48NECTARINEGatedancer x Rubicon x AltaMeteorBomaz Shottle 467927436670.71French Owned
49A-L-H EXTASEHelix x Kingboy x SupersireNova Shotle Evelyn27435981.15Foreign Owned
50CAMPA SANRECAM LADYDelta-Lambda x Supershot x FanaticVen Dairy Lidia 427385751.74Campa Holsteins (ESP)


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