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USA | Top 25 PTAT Heifers (>9 Months) - 08/20

August 2020
1GEN BRESTKing Doc x Crush x MogulOh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan25963123.58553Genesland (DE)
2ALL.MULINO 447King Doc x MontereyHOITA01299008543025422703.551112Italian Owned
3K&L KD WISHFULLKing Doc x Solomon x BrokawJuniper Goldwyn Wistful2316633.55510Diamond Genetics & J. Bootsma (NL)
4ALL CAST CRUSHTIME FANCYCrushtime x Solomon x BrokawAll Cast Larame Samba1959-2323.54670All Cast Holsteins (IT)
5NH DOC FUNKing Doc x Monterey x AltaOakDKR Faith26363933.541665Diamond Genetics France / Drakkar Holsteins (FR)
6MATIAS ARIANNAS AJYAJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanMS Kingstead Chief Adeen1913-2193.50-991Matias Holsteins (PRT)
7K&L KD WILMAKing Doc x Solomon x BrokawJuniper Goldwyn Wistful24492033.48606GenHotel & KD Holsteins (NL)
8CHANET-ET-ETKing Doc x High Octane x Numero UnoEDG Claire Cling24622113.471170Moret-Donzallaz (CH)
9BEEZE OLDLEUS FAMECrushtime x Delight x BeemerEngstad Madleine2019-1263.46-418Beeze Holsteins (NL)
10EBA OLIVIAKing Doc x AltaSuperstar x KingboyEBA Heazy26573953.46695EBA Holsteins / GAEC Brilland (FR)
11PRETTYHaniko x DoormanHOFRA0050255904032257603.4586French Owned
12AMH STARDUSTJordy-Red x Avalanche *RC x Acme *RCBlondin Destry Sally1862-2783.43-521AMH Holsteins (LUX)
13HOSWE000535422032Crushtime x Solomon x AtwoodJK DG Esmeralda2042-1123.4273Swedish Owned
14PEREIRA CRUSHABULL CAMILLACrushabull x Archrival x DoormanSilvermaple Damion Camomile2007-1383.42142Pereira Holsteins (PRT)
15BWN CAMOMILLAUndenied x Archrival x DoormanSilvermaple Damion Camomile1931-1943.42-640BWN Holsteins (NL)
16RIS 02598Crushtime x Beemer x DoormanEastside Lewisdale Gold Missy2058-1113.41-542German Owned
17ANDRIETTA K DOC 7939King Doc x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara23271293.40624Andrietta Holsteins (NL)
18ANDRIETTA K DOC 7940King Doc x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara23271293.40624Andrietta Holsteins (NL)
19BEEZE OLDLEUS FAITHCrushtime x Delight x BeemerEngstad Madleine1973-2043.38-116Beeze Holsteins (NL)
20NOORDER AR-TYPE AVAThunder Storm x Jacoby x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adeena1856-2503.38-741Noorder AR-Type (NL)
21HODEU000954026499King Doc x Silver x AtwoodFarnear-Tbr-Bh-At Corona25473353.381530German Owned
22CIRIO AGRICOLA APTICAKing Doc x Doorman x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red24061803.38207Cirio Agricola SRL (IT)
23TOC-FARM DOC VALERIKing Doc x Doorman x WindbrookToc-Farm Allen Amyly25312763.36252Toc-Farm Holsteins
24HOFRA006771334133King Doc x Archrival x GoldwynBrabantdale Triumphant Spooky23001113.36630D. Schwartz (FR)
25NH ARTIST BARBADOSArtist x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara1978-1823.35-169Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)


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