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November 21, 2017 A new global star is available with semen available, Hulstein GOLDENWAY of AI Total - the World's #1 bull in the breed with the following criteria:  >12 months old / >3.90 PTAT / >2.75 UDC / >1.95FLC / >750 Milk! A unique combination of sought after traits! Goldenway (PTAT +3.96) is an early Byway son, we count 8 EXCELLENT generations in his pedigree, including the double Queen of the Breed: Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA.    Read More

November 17, 2017 A very interesting JOB OFFER within Eurogenes: SALE SUPPORT employee. More info.    Read More

November 17, 2017 Today (Friday, 17. November) is the final day of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale - 19 embryo combinations are selling, many embryo combinations sired by FEMALE semen. The best of the SHOW - INDEX - Holsteins - R&W Holsteins - Jersey breed are selling!    Read More

November 17, 2017 Eildon-Tweed Chops his milking daughters are very impressive. With 90 milking daughters in his American proof and 35 classified daughters he jumped more than 100 TPI points in his August proof up to +2523 GTPI - PTAT +2.45. He is one of the highest udder bulls in the breed based on classified daughters (UDC +2.97), is a high component (+0.15%F +0.06%P) and low SCE sire (SCE 6.3). There are only very few daughters of Chops in Europe, but a few very interesting ones with the high qualities of his father, high type with complete indexes!   Read More

November 17, 2017 The annual Borderway B&W Sale will be held on Saturday, the 2nd of December at the Borderway Mart, Carlisle. One of the highlights in the UK sale diary every year. This year's sale offers a great offering with some very intresting lots selling. Click further to read the full catalogue.    Read More

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