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December 7, 2021 Another fantastic indexrun for Aurora Mitchell, he increased his PTAT level up to +2.63 PTAT and he is currently the #1 daughter proven TPI bull in the breed >2.6 PTAT! The #1 daughter proven TPI bull is Pine-Tree-I Pursuit @ GTPI +2922, followed by Renegade (GTPI +2913) and a great run for Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, he added many new daughters to his daughter proof in multiple different countries, which increased his type proof again and kept his GTPI level at a huge level of GTPI +2907, which makes him the #3 daughter proven TPI bull in the breed! Click further for more rankings.   Read More

December 7, 2021 The new indexes from Canada just came in! The #1 LPI sire is Rubels-Red son of Lakeside Ups Red Range: 3STAR OH Ranger-Red at +3867 LPI, followed by Cookciecutter Lucrative with +3808 LPI. The chart topper in the domestic proven bull list is Westcoast Alcove with +3736 LPI in a great combination with +10 Conformation. In second follows Farnear Delta-Lambda with +3551 LPI in combination with +15 Conformation! Leading the Conformation (type) list is Walnutlawn Sidekick with +16 Conformation. 84388 is the #1 Genomic Conformation bull at +13 Conf. On the tied second spot we find several bulls: MB-LadyLucky Bullseye, Lindenright 84362, Walnutlawn Skyscraper, Blondin Roadrunner and ZBW M Chuck all at +17 Conformation! Click further for the overall Canadian rankings.   Read More

December 7, 2021 Peak Breaking News is the number #1 PLI young genomic bull with +957 PLI. The number #2 young genomic bull is Genosource Captain, he was the former #1 PLI in the UK. Captain has this proof +944 PLI in combination with +1.40 TM! The #1 TYPE MERIT genomic bull in the UK is Peak Tropic son Jimtown Nashville with +3.21 TM! In second follows Bomaz Rimrock with +2.99 TM. On the third place follows Nosbisch Holsteins Solito - Red with +2.87 TM. The number #1 PLI daughter proven bull is Peak AltaZarek A2A2 with +750 PLI in combination with +1.60 TM. The number #1 TYPE MERIT dtr. proven bull is Attico-Red with +3.52 TM!    Read More

December 7, 2021 The indexes of Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland) are ONLINE available now!! The highest NTM genomic sire this December 2021 proof is the American bull Peak Rainow at +43 NTM. In the tied first spot follows the Swedish bull VH Swish at either +43 NTM. The third place is for VH Nurval at all +41 NTM. Peak TIESTO @ Jestream Genetics is the #39 NTM genomic bull at +34 NTM. Topping the daughter proven NTM list is for the third time in a row Bomaz AltaTopshot at +31 NTM. At second we find the Danish sires VH Bosman and VH Brixton both at +30 NTM. Click further for all the Scandinavian top rankings.   Read More

December 7, 2021 A solid December 2021 proof for Casino with +158 RZG and +2009 kgM, is he the #1 daughter proven bull! Casino is a DG Charley son out of DG Madrid. He tops the RZG list together with Cogent Supershot son Topshot. He has +157 RZG 2699 RZ€. The number #1 B&W genomic sire is again Foreman at +168 RZG! In second follows Ridercup, a Lariat son with +167 RZG. The #1 R&W dtr. proven is Eloped Red with +145 RZG and +2023kgM. Sicario is the #1 R&W genomics bull with +166 RZG!    Read More

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USA | Top 50 GTPI Heifers (>9 Months) - 08/21

August 2021
1ISOLABELLA INSEME EMBLEMANacash x Granite x Rubicon2987
2HODEU000956066787Heroic x Dynamo x Supershot2986
3SUAMISubzero x King Doc x Jedi2978
4K&L OH MELANIEChallenger x Granite x Rubicon2968
5WILDER 60380Aristocrat x Charl x Salvatore *RC2958
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