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27 October 2016 Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95-USA is one of the most impressive show cows of her generation, she was All-Canadian & All-American and Res. Grand Champion at both the Royal- and World Dairy Expo. Nowadays she is forming the foundation of one of the most up- and coming type cow families for in the show ring and PTAT genomic index system! Her Windhammer dtr won Supreme Champion at the World Dairy Expo Junior Show this year and her Doorman dtr already scored VG-89-USA 2yr.! Another great daughter can be found at Hullcrest Holsteins, the Netherlands, Rocca-DG Camani *RC, Camomile's RED CARRIER Armani daughter!   Read More

27 October 2016 Ko-Gen Shavanna 2 from de Veelhorst Holsteins en E.Hijgemann has been pictured recently. Shavanna 2 is one of the highest flush age heifers in Europe with a great type / total index combination (GTPI +2653 / PTAT +2.65) with udder and feet & legs both >2 points! She is a full sister to Tarzan @ AI Total (GTPI 2713 / PTAT +2.95). Shavanna 2 has 15 implants by Westcoast Pledge (Pulsar x Shan), from which a 1st choice bull sells in the Online Elite Bull Sale as Lot#14, 3 bulls will be guaranteed to choose from!   Read More

26 October 2016 The Dutch Year Statistic Milk production numbers are published with a fantastic achievement for Holbra Holsteins (Family Holmer, Laren, The Netherlands), the average production of 12.897 kg Milk with 3.92% Fat and 3.39% Protein (EJR€ 2740) puts them on the 5th place of production herd in the Netherlands! Thanks to the great management in combination with a high genetic level. The Holbra herd contains some of the World's greatest cow families with the Holbra Prudence cow family as one of their most famous and most successful families. Click further for more information.   Read More

26 October 2016 Lakeside Silver Lilly has been pictured! Lilly is the #3 GTPI heifer in Europe and has a unique combination of +2762 GTPI with +3.18 PTAT! She is the only heifer in Europe with >2700 GTPI combined with >3 PTAT! Lilly is in combined ownership of Vekis- & Diamond Genetics and has a very attractive pedigree, sired by Silver and from a Headliner dam, followed by the outcross sires Shot Al and Ramos out of the Beachlawn Blwood L Lilly EX-93-USA cow family!   Read More

26 October 2016 Multiple of the top donors from the Hul-Stein breeding program has been pictured recently. Under them the #1 Octoberfest daughter in Europe, the #1 PTAT Supershot daughter, the #2 R&W GTPI heifer in Europe and more! Click further for the results and for more information.   Read More

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