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VENTE DRAKKAR Tag Sale & Open House

August 18, 2017 The VENTE DRAKKAR 2017 will be held on Friday, the 1st of September 2017. What can you expect? The same atmosphere, the same high quality cattle to sell, in a little different format. The barns of Drakkar Holsteins will be open on Friday, September the 1st with all sale cattle prepared to inspect and with the free drinks and BBQ night. The sale will be held with the TAG+ sale method. The sale website + catalogue will be online next week, more info will follow! Here already a few examples of the great cattle selling!! Click further for some examples.    Read More

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Unique index for Holbra DG Charas!

August 18, 2017 Holbra DG Charas is the ONLY bull in the breed with semen available which combines: >2600 GTPI, +9.1 PL, +3.4 DPR, +1.5 PTAT, <5 SCE (4.8 SCE) and he is A2/A2!! A unique and very popular combination of qualities which are demanded by farmers all over the World. Additional he breeds cows with a negative stature, and positive components (+0.14% Fat and +0.07% Protein) and great udders (+2.27 UDC). Charas was bred by Holbra Holsteins and Diamond Genetics as a Damaris son out of CNN Mogul Chamea from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan's. Charas is available through AI Total.    Read More

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NH Sunview Fantastic #1 PLI bull at Cogent!

August 18, 2017 The new star at Cogent is NH Sunview Fantastic, he is the highest PLI bull on the Cogent bullchart with PLI 730. The demand for his semen is high, he has a great allround faultless profile with high components (UK: +0.26%F +0.13%P) and has a different and outcross pedigree. Fantastic is a Flattop son from NH HS Marilyn Monroe VG-86-DE 2yr., she was the German Masters Sale '14 topseller for € 84.000 and is still the reigning #1 RZG cow in Germany!    Read More

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Important donor cows of Lakeside Holsteins re-scored

August 18, 2017 Two important donorcows at Lakeside- / Upstream Holsteins has been re-scored, Bolton daughter Holbra Paya raised her score to VG-89 with an EX-91 Mammary System. This fat & high protein cow (5.0%F 3.8%P in her 2nd lactation) was one of the cows of the Bolton progenygroup in 2010, she is dam of the Excellent Lakeside Snowman Paya of Ponderosa Holsteins (sold for € 41.000) and her Goldwyn daughter Upstream S Princess was Jr. Champion at the Spring Show Ermelo '17. CNN H Liner Lillie is now VG-85 in her 2nd lactation. Lillie her daughter Lakeside Silver Lilly is one of the highest GTPI Silver daughters in the breed and has already huge progeny, like the #1 gPFT heifer in the breed, an RZG 165 Charley dtr, a Charas son with almost 2800 GTPI and more!    Read More

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3 Championship titles for ARGH Holsteins in Oldebroek

August 15, 2017 The annual summershow Oldebroek was a very successful one for ARGH Holsteins. The day started with the Championship Sr. Calf with the fancy Doorman daughter HaM Doorman Angel which goes back on the Royal- & Madison Champion Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96-USA, which was purchased through the Holland Masters Sale 2017. The Jr. Heifer Class won by Ar Amazing Aart, she is a Beemer daughter going back on the legendary R&W cow KHW Regiment Apple-Red. The 3rd title won by the fancy Distinction daughter Roccafarm Comine. This descendent of the Larcrest Cosmopolitan’s won the Reserve Champion title in the milking heifer class.   Read More

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Chevrolet daughter Jazzs pictured!

August 15, 2017 Oosterbrook Chevrlet Jazzs, owned by Oosterbrook Holsteins has recently been pictured in her 1st lactation! Her daughter Oosterbrook Burning Star is the #1 RZG Afterburner daughter World Wide (RZG +157), she sold for € 20.000 in the German Masters Sale to a syndicate with a Canadian and German breeder (Sunview Holsteins & Nosbisch Holsteins). Oosterbrook Chevrlet Jazzs carries a great bloodline with some outcross sires:  Chevrolet x Supersonic x Colby x Laudan, from the Hol-Stiens June cow family! She also proves her high genetic production level (+2137 milk) in the Oosterbrook Holsteins milkbarn where she is projected at 11.260 kg milk in 305 days.   Read More

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European female top genomic rankings for GTPI, PTAT & Net Merit

August 14, 2017 The new European rankings are online for females, ranked by GTPI, PTAT and Net Merit. CNN Hi-Lite is the highest GTPI heifer in Europe at the moment, sired by the #1 daughter proven sire Delta. De Volmer Sabine is still the highest Jedi daughter in Europe (GTPI +2850). Col DG Brylin is the new official #1 type (PTAT) heifer in Europe, this Crush daughter of Genesland has a huge combination of +4.08 PTAT / GTPI +2464!! Click further for all European genomic female rankings on the American index base.    Read More

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FINAL HOURS Online Embryo Sale, BID NOW!

August 11, 2017 It are the final hours of the ONLINE EMBRYO SALE which will finish tonight (Friday, August 11 2017) at 21:00 PM (Dutch Time = GMT +1:00). Very interesting embryo combinations are selling with a great mix between female embryo combinations, high index embryos, Jersey embryos and more! Also a few very exclusive embryo combination sired by the type sensation Croteau Lesperron Unix, from a DOORMAN grand dtr of Rockymountain Talent Licorice EX-95 and from a DOORMAN going back on the 3 x Royal Grand Champion Thrulane James Rose EX-97-CAN!!    Read More

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Great type transmitting GHH Delta Felici 2 pictured

August 10, 2017 GHH Delta Felici 2 has recently been pictured in her 1st lactation. She was already scored with VG-86 in Germany after just 2 weeks fresh! She knows to transmit her great looks to her daughters who are in the top of the PTA rankinglists. She is dam to WI Beemer Felli (PTAT +3.51) who belongs in the top 10 PTAT Beemer dtrs in Europe and is owned by ARGH Holsteins. Embryos by the #2 PTAT bull World Wide: DELIGTH are selling out of WI Beemer Felli through the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale!   Read More

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Impressive DANNO daughters at Veneriete Holsteins

August 10, 2017 Delta Bookem Danno is making big impression all over Holland. He maintain to keep his #1 position as the #1 daughter proven B&W bull for NVI and had an impressive line up of daughters during the National NRM Show ’17. Some of his daughters were recently pictured at the farm of Veneriete Holsteins, including Veneriete Danno Ida 108 who was pointed out as the best 2yr. old of the Danno progeny group at the NRM Show ’17! Click further for pictures.   Read More

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