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Giessen Cinderella 133 during the NRM-Show 2019

27 janvier 2021 The 1st placed cow in the Intermediate class at National NRM Show 2019: Giessen Cinderella 133 extende her score to EX-90-NL 4yr. with EX-91 for her mammary system. This fabulous Delaberge Pepper daughter also made it to the top production cows in the Netherlands in 2020 with producing 25.605kgM, 4.27%F, 3,59%P in 525 days resulting in 2.012kg Fat + Protein! She definetly fits all boxes with going back on a tremendous pedigree as well: Pepper x Giessen Cinderella 86 (s. by home-bred bull Giessen 249) x Giessen Cinderella 34 VG-87-NL to the Wilcoxview Cinderella EX-92-USA 3E family! As a 2-Yr Old Cinderella 133 already scored VG-88-NL 2yr. with the MAX-score for her mammary system VG-89! She is close related to Atwood daughter Giessen Cinderella 79 EX-91-NL EX-94-MS - the Res. Grand & Senior Champion Holland Holstein Show 2018!! Click further to read more.   En Lire Plus

Tirsvad Sniper Gambia VG-89-DK

27 janvier 2021 If you are looking for a different sire stack and an animal that can bring bulls in various systems around the world you will need to come up with quite a name to beat Tirsvad Sniper Gambia, adding the maximum score for 2 year olds of VG-89 will certainly make her unique in that list! This journey for Søren-Ernst and Niels Erik started in the summer of 2003 when they purchased the Oman embryos out of the Aaron daughter Genua VG-87, the world famous daughter of Grietje 80 EX-91. From the same flush embryos went to CRV and made their DT Impress and DT Improver, two years in a row the most used bulls in the Netherlands. Tirsvad really developed this line with some of the best European genetics of these years. Adding Jocko genes trough Stoljock, adding Lancelot genes trough Limbo, adding Mascol genes trough Massey, adding Snowman genes through Silver and then again double Snowman through Sniper combined with the type of Kingboy trough the use of DG Sniper resulting in Tirsvad Gambia VG-89. Trough her various sons and daughters she will certainly get influence in many breeding programms around the world. Continue reading...   En Lire Plus

Cogent Supershot

27 janvier 2021 Cogent is sad to inform that the iconic bull Supershot passed away. De Volmer DG Supershot as his name orginally was, got global fame when he got his first genomic number in the spring of 2013. He was the first European bull in a long time to catch the number 1 GTPI and 1 Net Merit position in the world. Until today this performance is only repeated by his son DG Charley. Supershot was bred by De Volmer Holsteins and Diamond Genetics. The dam Rose was purchased in Germany, she originated from the Tirsvad Luke Classic family.  The daughters out performed the original breeding values in several countries. This lead to top places in the daughter proven rankings in several countries including the Netherlands. Continue reading...   En Lire Plus

26 janvier 2021 A brand NEW Eurogenes member is Fabaceae Génétique from France which have interesting genetics in their portfolio from the best global cow families. At Fabaceae Génétique for the breeds they work principally with Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss and in few times with Guernsey! The principal selection goals of Fabaceae Génétique are Cow Families, Show and Type in every breeds. One of the eyecatchers in the barn is the EX-95 scored Coldav daughter VEG Coldav Folbreizh - 3rd in her section at Salon de L'agriculture 2019 & 2020. Furthermore we find several offsprings from the Huronia Centurion Veronica's, direct dtr of Apple, direct dtr of Galys-Vray, Denver dtrs of JB Toullec Royx Roxy and many more. Take a look now at their brand new Eurogenes page.   En Lire Plus

26 janvier 2021 The stunning Monterey daughter: Kings-Ransom Monterey Cans EX-93-USA EX-96-MS is nominated for the All-American 4-Yr Old award. In 2020 she was 2nd 4-Yr Old, Res. Senior and Res. Grand Champion at the Mid-East Fall National and either Best Bred & Owned and Best Udder of the Show! This tremendous cow is a Monterey daughter straight out Kings-Ransom MC Cleavage EX-95-USA EX-97-MS - the 10th generation EXCELLENT Roxy in a row! Together with her herd-mates Kings-Ransom Kian Effie EX-94-USA and Kings-Ransom Copy Dream VG-88-USA 2yr. she was crowned as the Best 3 Females of the Mid-East Fall National and in the race for All-American Best 3 Females 2020!! In Europe her maternal sister Kings-Ransom Undenied Cleavage at Dueholm and her nieces Crystalclear Undenied Cracking Rank & Crystalclear Undenied Cosy Cans are making furore. Click further to read more about this special and consistent transmitting family.   En Lire Plus

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