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21 février 2020 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale has almost come to her end! Today is the FINAL DAY of this great auction. This auction features numerous packages of IVF, ET, FEMALE, PTAT, NM$, Milk and elite embryos from the very best cow families around the globe. With for example: FEMALE Moovin *RC (#1 TYPE sire) from Rogy Goldwyn Ghardaia EX-95-CH - Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2018 her fancy Doorman daughter, UNIQUE FEM. R&W Admiral embryos from the Danish National Champion, Best Benz (+169 RZG) with huge RZG possibilities from the Cosmopolitan's and many herdbuilding packages starting at 150 EUR / embryo.   En Lire Plus

20 février 2020 A very exciting embryo package in the Online Embryo Sale. FEMALE embryos from the #1 TYPE sire in the breed: Lindenright MOOVIN *RC (+4.66 PTAT) straight out of Rogy Goldwyn Ghardaia EX-95-CH 2E her silky black Doorman daughter! Rogy Goldwyn Ghardaia is one of the most admired Swiss show cows with winning: SUPREME & Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2018, Res. Grand Champion Expo Bulle 2018, Grand Champion Junior Expo Bulle 2017 & 2016, 2nd place European Show Colmar 2016 and more! Her dam was 1st in class @ National Expo Bulle 2007 and 2nd at German Open Osnabrück 2008. This family traces back into a deep Swiss cow family with 4 generations VG or Excellent dams! Take your chance now in the Online Embryo Sale!   En Lire Plus

20 février 2020 Hurkmans ET has extend their great herd with some new top index heifers. Through the HighlightSale 2020 their purchased HET Star Sandy Red, a Starello *RC heifer at flush age with +160 RZG // +140 RZM // +128 RZE // +379 NVI as well A2A2 & BB. She is from the same family as Westcoast SOUNDCLOUD & Westcoast SWINGMAN-RED @ Semex and backed by Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX-90-USA EX-92-MS. Two other additions are maternal sisters by Kenobi and Builder P from HET Sound Chenile (s. Sound System) dam to HET SC Charlene (s. Sound Cloud) who sold for 29.000 EUR in the HighlightSale 2020. Both representive heifers noting +2747 GTPI // +156 RZG and +2584 GTPI // +378 NVI // +152 RZG and from a alternative bloodline of the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family. Another addition is A-L-H Coconut P, a Hotspot P daughter from the family of Mogul & Supersire backed by 8 generations EX- or VG-dams!   En Lire Plus

19 février 2020 In the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale are some promising embryos selling from Jacobs Sid Beauty EX-95-USA her pretty June 2017 Dempsey daughter!! Jacobs Sid Beauty sold for $170,000 and was Intermediate Champion of the International Holstein Show, World Dairy Expo 2015. Her dam is the All-Canadian & Reserve Grand Champion Three Rivers 2013: Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96-CAN EX-96-MS. Sid Beauty her sister by Solomon was 1st in the Junior 2-Yr Old Class at the World Dairy Expo last year in Madison. A unique chance to buy your 2020 Fall Calf for the great upcoming shows! These embryos are waiting for you now!   En Lire Plus

19 février 2020 Zuchtbetrieb Reinermann and WEH Holsteins (Hintze family) have consigned their greatest index heifers for the Sunrise Sale in Karow, Germany March 27 2020. Reinermann has entered three heifers >160 RZG for the sale. They are selling a +161 RZG Durable daughter with no holes in her index: +149 RZM / +122 RZE / +130 RZN and +118 RZS tracing back to RR Elisa EX-90-DE - the full sister to Snowman, a Merryguy daughter with +163 RZG from a new upcoming cow family with +2377 Milk and +166 kg combined Fat + Protein and another Durable daughter with +160 RZG with the perfect combination of overall type, fitness traits and production. WEH Holsteins has offered a Topmodel heifer born October '19 from the Regan-RH Durham Bliss VG-89-USA 2yr. - full sister to BARBIE EX-92 - family noting +160 RZG / +157 RZM / +127 RZE as well +2605 GTPI and +3487 GLPI. Click further to view the overall catalog.   En Lire Plus

ACHIEVER BOOM fresh! 18 février 2020

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