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23 mai 2017 Vina AM Alchemy Carly recently scores VG-86 in her 1st lactation! Carly was sold as an embryo through the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale and has turned in to a very promising young cow. She is a direct daughter out of Anderstrup Pronto Carly VG-85-NL 2yr., who is one of the most contracted cows of her age! Vina AM Alchemy Carly is known as the dam of Vina AM Beemer Carly, the Reserve Junior Champion of the International Show in Libramont and was earlier in the show season 2nd at the National Show in Spain.   En Lire Plus

23 mai 2017 One of the most successful show cows out of the Giessen Cinderella branch from the Roxy cow family: Moo Goldwyn Diamond has recently scored EX-93 in her 5thlactation! Diamond is among others dam to: Hokovit Best & Hokovit Win and granddam to Hokovit Powerball Powerwind-E *PO, who is one of the highest Polled heifers in Switzerland with ISET +1456. Other higlight of the day was: Alh Hokovit Sunshine *RC with VG-88 and 89 points for her udder. Sunshine is the maternal sister to Laron P in Germany and goes back on Glen Drummond Splendor VG-86-CAN 2yr.   En Lire Plus

23 mai 2017 De Peelse Hoeve Holsteins had a very successful classification day latetly, with the Gold Chip daughter: Delta Ralon being classified with the Excellent score! She is a maternal sister to the #1 dtr proven NVI bull in Holland: DANNO and granddtr of the heavily used bull dam Etazon Renata, the dam of: Atlantic, Astro, Titanium & more. Other highlight of the day was Peelse Hoeve Cinderella 27, a Balisto daughter who scored VG-88 as a 2yr. old. Just as her name says: she is from the Giessen Cinderella cow family, a family which have delivered many top show &- brood cows.   En Lire Plus

19 mai 2017 The Wagyu Spring Sale 2017 will take place tomorrow (Saturday, May the 20st) at Hof Holtmann in Münster-Albachten, a World Class Wagyu sale with 40 World Class Wagyu lots, all lots are tested free for all recessives, having high genomics and are registred in the Wagyu herdbooks. The sale can be followed online and you can bid online through - Click further for more information.    En Lire Plus

19 mai 2017 It is the final day of the Online Embryo Sale on Eurogenes, which will finish tonight at 21:00 hr / 09:00 PM (Dutch Time) - 21 embryo combinations are selling, including embryos from the dam of DG CHARLEY, embryos out of the #1 R&W GTPI cow in the breed, embryos from the HHH Res. Grand Champion of 2015 and more! Click further for more information!   En Lire Plus

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