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26 juin 2017 Lot 24 in the Holland Masters Sale is Tynevalley Jedi Bambi, the #2 GTPI heifer in the European June '17 run with GTPI +2803 and one of the most interesting heifers of the Braedale Gypsy Grand's (Goldwyn's family) World Wide, her 4th dam is the incredible Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi EX-94-USA, dam to Brewmaster, Brawler and others! Click further for the video of Lot 24.   En Lire Plus

26 juin 2017 Lot 51. DG Bodile is the #1 Net Merit calf ever to be sold in a European Sale: Net Merit $ 947 with GTPI +2787 (#1 GTPI Charley in Europe). Her dam is MS DG-TM Delta Blake, a daughter of the daughter proven sensation DELTA (not available in Europe) and going back on the All-American & All-Canadian 5yr. old: Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-CAN!! Click further for snapshot pictures of Lot 51!   En Lire Plus

26 juin 2017 Lot 19 in the Holland Masters Sale is a heifer which attracts global attention, she is the #1 Red Carrier heifer for type World Wide (+20 DGV Conformation) and the #1 Red Carrier GTPI heifer in the breed which is >3.50 PTAT! Her name: Heatherleigh Doorman Armana E *RC, a Red Carrier Doorman grand dtr of the legendary KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-USA, multiple Madison winner, dam to Absolute-Red, Armani *RC, Big Apple Red, Avalanche (out of her clone), grand dam to Diamondback *RC and more! And best of all, she looks AMAZING! UPDATE: her dam MS Apples Uno Armana *RC EX-91-USA won HM. Grand Champion Indiana State Show '17!!  Click further for a picture taken this weekend!    En Lire Plus

24 juin 2017 The complete white Snowman daughter Holbra Sana VG-89-NL 3yr., is fresh in her 3rd lactation. Despite the extremely hot wather, with temperatures up to 34 degrees, she knew to produce 78 liters!! She has several sons in AI, such as: Holbra Elysium, Sanador, Sansire & Rodanas, the former #1 bull in Italy! Als her female offspring are making a lot of inpression in the herd. 5 granddaughters are fresh and producing, sired by different sires and all producing > 40 liters a day. Her highest producing granddtr is Holbra Sancodi (s. Commander), who produces 55kg milk a day! Meanwhile you can find 35 offspring in the Holbra herd who are carrying Holbra Sana as their foundation cow in the pedigree!   En Lire Plus

24 juin 2017 The German Balisto daughter EBH Mandoline has been recently pictured by Han Hopman and classified with VG-86-NL 2yr. EBH Mandoline is the full sister from the popular German bull Basement @ RUW. She is co-ownership with Diamond Genetics, Drouner Holsteins and Duindam Holsteins. EBH Mandoline traces back to the family of Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92. This family is World Wide know for delivering top transmitting bulls such as Silver, Supersire, Mardi Grass, Powerball-P, Monterey, Mogul and many others! With still an incredible +74 pounds of protein in her American index she is still one of the highest pounds protein animals of the breed. She has also been able to transmit her strong protein talent to her daughters. Her most renowned daughters are Drouner DH Dg Mandi (s. Missouri - GTPI +2644 / RZG +158), DH Drouner Madalyn-ET, the #2 RZG Utah dtr in the breed and DG DH Drouner Maylinn, who is the #1 RZG & GTPI Utah dtr in the breed!! 3 Sons from EBH Mandoline already left to AI.   En Lire Plus

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