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16 juillet 2024 Great embryos are selling this week in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale! Selling are Siemers Parx (+3077 GTPI / +3.06 PTAT) embryos out of Suami VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr. Suami is the #1 GTPI Subzero daughter worldwide, dam to DG Seaborn @ AI-Total at +3094 GTPI in combination with +1071 NM$ and +2.08 PTAT, to DG Stewart at +3190 GTPI / +1114 NM$ and +2.08 PTAT and maternal sister to the #3 dtr. proven GTPI sire WORLDWIDE: Westcoast Lambeau at +3174 GTPI in combination with +2.45 PTAT / +1044 NM$ / +1462kgM and positive components. Suami VG-86-NL 2yr. and Lambeau are straight out of Comestar Laumabia Doc and goes back to one of the best cow families ever: Comestar Laurie Sheik VG-88-CAN 2yr. 23*. Click further for more info.   En Lire Plus

16 juillet 2024 The promising Hotbull PP daughter, Tirsvad Hotbull Glory PP won the Best Young Cow title at the Landsskuet 2024, Denmark earlier this month. This Hotbull PP daughter is straight out of Tirsvad Gonzales Galaxy P *RC, followed by a Mission P daughter x Tirsvad Powerball Gaggenau P out of Tirsvad Massey Gaga VG-87-DK! Gaga VG-87-DK is dam to the Danish Cow of the Year 2021: Tirsvad Silver Giga-Star VG-87-DK 2yr. This influential Silver daughter is dam to Mission P son: Match P @ RSH and dam to Tirsvad Sniper Gambia VG-89-DK. She is a Sniper daughter, dam to the former #1 ICO sire in Spain: Tirsvad Hotspot Hondo and dam to the former #1 gPFT sire in Italy: Tirsvad Hotspot Geyser P! This family delivered many sires to AI's, like: VH Sovran P, VH Slatt P, VH Hilmar P, VH Bosman, VH Sann PP *RC and VH Monty P. Click further for more info.   En Lire Plus

15 juillet 2024 The picture of the 2yr. old Champion National R&W show 2024, held earlier last month came back. 2yr. old Champion of the show was Batouwe Mirand Alnika P Red! She is a Mirand PP *RC daughter, is sold as embryo at the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale to Batouwe Holsteins and sold as heifer through the Schouten & Partners Holstein Sale 2022 to KOEster. She is a grand daughter to the classwinner Senior 2yr. old R&W Royal Winter Fair 2015 and Honorable Mention Grand Champion Supreme Dairy Red & White Show 2017: Deslacs Talent Alyana Red EX-92-CAN EX-95-MS 3E 1*. Continue reading..   En Lire Plus

15 juillet 2024 The stylish JK DG Carmen 10 is lately scored with VG-89-NL as fresh 4yr. old. This great Crushtime daughter was 4th in her class with 2yr. olds at the National HHH-show 2022 and is great granddaughter to the Reserve 2yr. old Champion National HHH-Show 2016, 2yr. old Champion Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt 2016, Reserve Intermediate Champion Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt 2017 and more: JK DG Esmeralda EX-92-NL EX-94-MS followed by the Dutch Cow of the Year 2022: Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL. Carmen 10 VG-89-NL 4yr. is maternal sister to the Intermediate Champion & Grand Champion Wintershow Middenmeer 2024, 1st, Best Udder and Reserve 2yr. old National HHH-Show 2022, 2yr. old Champion, Udder Champion and Grand Champion Summershow Opmeer 2022: JK Eder DG Carmen 5 EX-91-NL EX-92-MS! Click further for more info.   En Lire Plus

12 juillet 2024 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale just opened for bidding. Take adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example DG Alvin *RC (+2988 GTPI / +2.83 PTAT / Lambeau x Mitchell) embryos out of Mirand PP *RC daughter NH DG Amazon P VG-88-NL 2yr., Siemers Parx (+3077 GTPI / +3.06 PTAT) embryos out of the maternal sister to the #3 GTPI daughterproven sire: Westcoast Lambeau, Female Siemers Wolf Hulu *RC embryos out of Milksource Sadie *RC, the Tatoo sister to Erbacres Snapple Shakira EX-97-CAN, Female Mb-Luckylady Eye Candy (+3.17 PTAT / +15 Conf.) embryos out Ms Mirand Gracia P VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr., Female Beyond Overdo Hardin (+3276 GTPI / +1263 NM$ / +2.11 PTAT) embryos out of Beerzedal Hester 2 Sysce (+3033 GTPI / +1047 NM$) and multiple herdbuilding packages starting at 75 EUR / embryo. Click further for more info.   En Lire Plus

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