24. März 2017 The Roccafarm Sale 2017 will start on the 7th of April at Roccafarm Holsteins with a great open day, presentation of the sale heifers and the Eurogenes Symposium 2017 with speakers Juan Moreno (Sexing Technologies) and Mark Nutsford (Riverdane Holsteins & Celtech Embryo Transfer). Click further for a video about a few of the lots selling!!   Mehr lesen

24. März 2017 Rhala EX Lynetta is the new #1 outcross GTPI outcross heifer in Europe (based on no Mogul & Supersire in her pedigree) with GTPI +2774. Lynetta is the #1 GTPI Heisenberg (Jabir x Moonboy x Hero) daughter in the breed, she is out of the Tango dtr Vekis DG Lyzette which already has 3 daughters >2700 GTPI til date. This completes a very interesting sire stack for Lynetta: Heisenberg x Tango x Meridian x Snowman x Bolton x Boss Iron x Mtoto out of the Italian Bertaiola Lidia's! Click further for her picture and more info!   Mehr lesen

23. März 2017 2017 will be a very exciting year for Cogent Supershot, Supershot was bred by Diamond Genetics & De Volmer Holsteins from the Netherlands. His first daughters are milking in multiple countries all around the World with a great satisfaction from their owners. Supershot daughters are very productive, healthy and the first daughters already were scoring VG as 2yr. olds in, for example, Stantons Holsteins from Canada had 4 Supershot daughters scoring VG 2yr. old in Canada already! Europe has many interesting Supershot females, click further for his 40 highest daughters for GTPI in Europe!   Mehr lesen

23. März 2017 Fresh 2yr. old's sired by Tango and Hora have recently been pictured at the farm of Elevage Leroy in France. Tango daughter JK Eder Silly 2 has an outcross sire stack as a Tango x Bookem, followed by the former #1  GTPI cow from Europe: All.Nure Baxter Silvy EX-90-NL. LL Jora is the Hora daughter out of the former #1 ISU heifer and former #3 PTAT heifer in Europe: DKR Gold Chip Chips, her dam is a Mac from Ralma Christmas Cookie. Click further for the pictures and pedigree information.   Mehr lesen

23. März 2017 An incredible National Show for Schönhof Holsteins, onwned by Rupert Wenger from Austria with winning 2 big Championship titles at the National show last weekend. WFD Artes Regale won the Intermediate- & Grand Championships title, while her herd mate Atwood Royal won Senior- & Reserve Grand Champion!   Mehr lesen

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PTAT | Top 25 PTAT Heifers (>9 Months) - 12/16

Dezember 2016
1FLORA BEEMER ADRIANA-ETBeemer x Atwood x Shottle4.01
2ARCHRIVAL ARIANNEArchrival x Doorman x Atwood3.89
3FLORA BEEMER ADALINE ETBeemer x Atwood x Shottle3.88
4PEREIRA ARCHRIVAL M M ARIANNAArchrival x Doorman x Damion3.78
5MADONAMonterey x Enforcer x Big Time3.73
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