15. Dezember 2017 Lot 6 in the Online Elite Bull Sale: SJK Montana 4575 saw a great increase in his genomic indexes. His GTPI increased to GTPI +2765 in the December index-run, what makes him one of the highest Montana sons in the breed. Also the Italian & English indexes came back on him which confirmed the high genetic level this bull offers. With gPFT +4281 & gPLI +760 this bull ranks in the global top of this index systems!   Mehr lesen

14. Dezember 2017 The Online Elite Bull Sale will be held tomorrow (Friday, 15. december '17), click further for a sale update with the next december indexes.    Mehr lesen

13. Dezember 2017 During the HHH-Show last weekend JK Eder Holsteins has been chosen as the breeder of the year 2017! This because of the great results with JK Eder DG Control @ Semex, JK Eder DG Ciderman @ Ascol and DH Gold Chip Darling.   Mehr lesen

13. Dezember 2017 Last weekend the HHH-Show take place for the 28th time in Zwolle. There were big succeses for Bons Holsteins, Heerenbrink Holsteins, Southland Holsteins and Drouner Holsteins. Grand Champion of the show became Bons-Holsteins Koba 219 (s. Lautority) from Bons Holsteins in Ottoland. Click further for pictures and complete results of the National HHH Show 2017.   Mehr lesen

12. Dezember 2017 20 High class bulls are selling this Friday, the 20. of December in the Online Elite Bull Sale - (  Including the World's #1 GTPI Sillian son, a huge GTPI (2714) / PTAT (+3.24) combination bull, one of the highest POLLED sires in the breed and sired by Bandares, a +70 Protein Eldorado son, exclusive bulls sired by Granite and Fortune, a GTPI +2716 Charley son, a R&W and Polled sire, 2 interesting 100% purebred Belgian Blue bulls perfect for crossbreeding on Holsteins for beefcalves. Click further for more information.    Mehr lesen

Christmas @ Genesland SALE! 12. Dezember 2017

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