#1 RZE heifer in the breed for Genesland!

In the september intermediate run came out that there is a brand new #1 RZE heifer in the breed: Gen Brylo. Brylo is an early Undenied daughter of Col DG Brylan, de former #2 PTAT heifer in Europe. Her dam Brylan is sired by Crush which sire is not available in Europe. Brylo herself notes an extraordinary type score of +151 RZE and also +3.99 PTAT with +3.18 UDC!! Her dam is the full sister to the type sensation in the breed: Col DG Crushtime @ ST who notes +4.01 PTAT. This great type family traces back to the huge transmitting cow Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA.

Gen Brylo (picture: grand dam: Oh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan VG-85-USA) (~PEDIGREE~)
Undenied x Crush x Oh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan VG-85-USA x Oh-River-Syc Meridian Billie EX-91-USA x EX-91-USA x EX-91-USA x Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA

  • #1 RZE heifer in the breed with +151 RZE!! (09/18)
  • Also a huge PTAT score of +3.99 and +3.18 UDC! (08/18)
  • A remarkable production index of: +772 Milk, +0.03 % Fat & +0.00% Protein! (08/18)
  • Dam is sired by CRUSH - who is not available in Europe!!
  • Dam is a full sister to the type sensation in the breed: Crushtime +4.01 PTAT! (08/18)
  • Family tracing back to Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA


Col DG Crushtime @ ST (~CLICK HERE for his index~)

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