>18.000kgM with 1.227kg Fat + Protein that's Hokovit Dob!

This makes milking fun all day!! Hokovit Doberman Dob VG-88-CH is absolutely top! In her 5th lactation she produced 18.199kgM in 305 days with 1.227kg Fat + Protein. Her lifetime yield: 98.785kgM with 4.0%F and 3.5%P. This tremendous Doberman is a daughter of Hokovit Laurin Lilas VG-87-CH VG-89-MS who has a huge production yield as well: 4th lactation in 305days 15.937kgM. This super transmitting family goes back to the 'Queen of the Breed' Glenridge Citation Roxy. What these cows present of the Hokovit Breeding Programm is truly remarkable. One of the newest stars in their programm is Hokovit Riveting Powermaid. She tops in the Swiss system at +1591 ISET and +148 IPL. She has Leaninghouse TAOS embryos available, please contact Hokovit Genetics for more info. 

Hokovit Riveting Powermaid (PEDIGREE)
S-S-I BG Frzzld Riveting x Hokovit Adagio Powergirl x Hokovit Powerall Powerwind GP-83-CH 2yr. x VG-85 Windbrook

Hokovit Laurin Lilas VG-87-CH VG-89-MS
Dam to: Hokovit Doberman Dob VG-88-CH
Laurin x Moo Goldwyn Diamond EX-93-CH 3E x Riedmuellers Blitz Colombe EX-90-CH x Wilcoxview Durham Cinderelle VG-89

2.01 305d 10.618kgM 3.4% 358F 3.0% 313P
3.02 297d 11.868kgM 3.4% 399F 2.8% 337P
4.02 305d 13.013kgM 3.2% 418F 2.9% 378P
5.02 305d 15.937kgM 3.3% 519F 2.8% 446P

Moo Goldwyn Diamond EX-93-CH 3E 6*
Gran dam to: Hokovit Doberman Dob VG-88-CH
Goldwyn x Riedmuellers Blitz Colombe EX-90 x Wilcoxview Durham Cinderelle VG-89 x Wilcoxview Cinderella EX-92 x VG-88 x Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96

  • >110.000kgM lifetime production
  • 1st Int. class at the Jr. Bulle Expo and best Udder finalist
  • Dam to: Hokovit BEST @ WWS Germany
  • Dam to: Hokovit Sharon EX-90-CH La3. - successful bull dam

Foundation cow & QUEEN OF THE BREED: C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD

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