1st place for Beeze Calinka 12 at Best Farmers Cow Contest

The Dutch Herdbook organized a contest for Best Farmers Cow 2023 of the province Overijssel in the Netherlands. Beeze Holsteins entered Beeze Calinka 12 for this contest. The 5th calver is sired by De-Su Penley out of Beeze Heja Calinka 8 and is a huge production cow at Beeze Holsteins! She produced already in 5 lactations (1730 days) >77.800kgM with 4.2% Fat and 3.4% Protein. She produced in her 4th lactation in 361 days >17.250kgM with 4.3% Fat and +3.4% Protein! Beeze Calinka 12 became 1st in her class at this contest with 5th calvers. 

Photo credits: Beeze Holsteins ©

1st place 5th calvers: Beeze Calinka 12
Penley x Beeze Heja Calinka 8 (s. Balisto)
1.10 353d 12.560kgM 4.1% 511F 3.5% 434P
2.11 375d 16.793kgM 4.1% 695F 3.5% 592P
4.01 372d 17.204kgM 4.1% 702F 3.5% 603P
5.03 361d 17.299kgM 4.3% 748F 3.4% 579P
6.02 269d 13.948kgM 4.3% 609F 3.3% 464P
Lifetime: 1730d 77.804kgM 4.2% 3265F 3.4% 2672P

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Beeze Holsteins
Peezeweg 3
Dalfsen, Netherlands
7722 VX
Phone: +31 (0)529 427223
Email: martienvanderkamp@gmail.com

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