#2 PTAT R&W heifer to Dutch Soureth Holsteins

Soureth Holsteins has invested in one of the most interesting R&W heifers in the world. KCCK Jordy Annise Red is a huge PTAT Jordy-Red heifer with +3.84 PTAT, +3.53 UDC, +3.04 FLC which makes her the #2 PTAT Red and White heifer in the breed. She is  also the #1 conformation R&W heifer with +19 Conformation and +21 DGV!! She is a stunning Jordy-Red granddaughter of the one and only R&W Million Dollar Cow KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-USA! Which has a lot of show succes in her life time, including the World Dairy Expo Grand Champion of the Red and White show in 2013! Annise Red is not housed here in Europe but in the Rosedale barns of Mark and Nicky Rueth in Wisconsin USA.


KCCK Jordy Annise-Red              (PEDIGREE)
* #2 R&W PTAT heifer in the breed! (04/18)
     * #1 R&W Conformation heifer in the breed! (04/18)
     * Granddaughter to the one and only KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-USA
     * Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2013!

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Soureth Holsteins
Rolduckerweg 62
Heerlen, Netherlands
6422 PT
Phone: +31 (0)6 51159361
Web Site: http://www.sourethholsteins.com
Email: vaessen.m@live.nl

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