Aikman on #1 in domestic LPI raning in Canada

Gen-I-Beq Aikman is the #1 daughter proven LPI sire tested in Canada with LPI +3263, followed by Larcrest Commander (LPI +3248). Mr. Mogul Delta is the #1 foreign daughter proven LPI bull by MACE with LPI +3357. The highest genomic GLPI bull right now is Biggie (GLPI +3606). Unix kept his #1 position in the Canadian daughter proven type ranking with +18 Conformation with 263 daughters in his index. Two bulls with Dutch roots can be found in the Canadian Conformation Top 5 ranking, Mars Yorik on the 2nd place with +16 Conformation and JK Eder-I Control on the 5th place with +15 Conformation! Click further for all Canadian rankings!


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