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Arkman Marionette 1-Red EX-91-NL

(Tequila x Classic)

Fantastic grand daughter of Alumette VG-89!


Arkman Holsteins
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Reg No.



November 15, 2009

Production Records

2.00 417d 8.602kgM 5.1% 439F 3.8% 327P
3.03 358d 9.721kgM 5.1% 496F 3.7% 359P
La3 (Proj) 305d 10.957kgM 5.6%F 3.4%P


93FR 91DS 90MS 90FL / EX-91-NL

Genomic Result

US 08/18 GTPI +1674 / NM $ 76 / PTAT -0.25 [ Details ]


  • EXCELLENT from Alumette!
  • Super interesting: Red Tequila x Classic from the mega bull dam Alumette VG-89
  • American Cow family from origin
  • Trace back on Sleep-Hollow Apollo Kay VG-89, one of the first imported animals form America
  • From the same family as Neu Way and Orkan RC


Huybens Red TEQUILA
Arkman Marionette Alumette VG-86-NL 2yr.
2.06 305d 8.065kgM 4.33% 349F 3.4% 272P
Alumette VG-89 2yr.
1.11 305d 9.457kgM 4.5% 421F 3.4% 321P LW 119
818d 19.692kgM 4.7% 916F 3.6% 706P
5.00 305d 13.098kgM 4.6% 604F 3.4% 446P
  • The Mega bull dam Alumette!
  • Multiple Championship titles in Belgium
Suzan EX-91
2.00 305d 8.641kgM 4.7% 406F 3.5% 302P
3.02 292d 9.865kgM 4.8% 475F 3.4% 339P
  • Intermediate Champion National Show Belgium

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