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Batouwe Dateline Monica

(Altadateline x Doc x Altasuperstar)

AltaDateline daughter out of Batouwe King Doc Missy!!


GAEC Du Resto
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Reg No.



June 10, 2021

Genomic Result

US 04/22 GTPI +2695 / NM $ 571 / PTAT +1.97 [ Details ]


  • HERE SHE IS: a Dateline daughter with +1.97 PTAT and +2695 GTPI (04/22)
  • Her dam is a King Doc with +2.44 PTAT from the Wesswood HC Rudy Missy's EX-92-USA
  • Same family as Sandy-Valley BL Paradise EX-93-USA - dam to PHARO @ Select Sires
  • One of the most successful bull producing families
  • Same family as Powerball, Supersire, Mogul, Sid, Balistp Monterey, Oak, Silver & more


Batouwe King Doc Missy
  • Close family to: Sandy-Valley No Limit (s. Delta) - former top 20 GTPI heifer in the U.S.
A-L-H Paxton
  • Superstar daughter of Sandy-Valley Paxton VG-87 DOM!!
Sandy-Valley Uno Paxton VG-87-USA DOM
2-03 2x 365d 11.353kgM 4.4% 503F 3.5% 395P
2-03 2x 334d 10.601kgM 4.4% 467F 3.7% 388P
  • 6th generation BULL DAM in a row!!
  • 7 sons in A.I.
  • Full sister of Paxton is grand dam of Sandy Valley Pharo @ Select Sires

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