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Batouwe Goldpower P-Red

(Power-Red x Apoll P-Red x Fever)

Junior Champion heifers Jongveedag Hoornaar 2021


Batouwe Holsteins - Fam. Bakker
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July 26, 2020


  • Junior Champion heifers Jongveedag Hoornaar 2021
  • Canadian cow family from origin
  • This family also produced: Bonatus
  • 5th dam is the former #1 RZG Cow in Germany
  • Same family as Joylan Durham Glora EX-93-UK!


Swissbec POWER-RED
Batouwe Goldapoll P *RC VG-87-NL
2.08 305d 10.946kgM 4.2% 459F 3.4% 370P
3.10 305d 11.520kgM 4.1% 470F 3.7% 427P
  • Successful APOLL P-RED daughter!
Schreur Apoll P
NH Goldfever VG-89-NL 4yr.
La14/06 305d 9.709kgM 3.6% 347F 3.5% 340P
3.02 472d 14.325kgM 3.8% 542F 3.6% 510P
  • Great cow cow from the Goldina cow family!
Crackholm FEVER
Niagara VG-88-DE
4/3La 305d 10.323kgM 4.2% 424F 3.5% 358P
HL2 305d 10.583kgM 4.2% 448F 3.6% 376P
  • Great herd cow, 4 lactations avg: > 10.000kg!
  • Canadian cow family from origin

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