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Batouwe Jordy Belladonna VG-88-NL VG-89-MS (MAX) 2yr.

(Jordy-Red x O'Kalif x Jotan-Red)

R&W grand daughter of All-Star Jotan Bella EX-92


Batouwe Holsteins - Fam. Bakker
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Reg No.



December 7, 2018

Production Records

2.07 305d 8.690kgM 4.2% 365F 3.4% 293P


VG-88-NL VG-89-MS (MAX) 2yr.


  • Lovely R&W SHOW 2-Yr Old by Jordy-Red and grand dtr to All-Star Jotan Bella EX-92-DE EX-94-MS
  • 2-Yr Old Champion Jongveedag Hoornaar 2021
  • 2nd & H.M. R&W 2-Yr Old Champion Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt 2021
  • Jotan Bella is one of the best Jotan dtrs in Europe with an EXCELLENT 94 Mammary System!
  • Dam is sister to WR Beyonce EX-91-DE - 2-Yr Old Champion RUW-Schau 2015 & WR Brandy EX-90-DE!
  • Brandy was Res. Intermediate Champion RUW-Schau 2017
  • Dam is a sister to Batouwe PATBULL-RED @ KI-Samen
  • Deep Swiss cow family!


Ank Vdvva Belladam GP-NL 2yr.
La1 305d 8670lgM 3.4%F 3.3%P (proj)
  • Lovely SHOW heifer by O'Kalif from JOTAN BELLA EX-92!
All-Star Jotan Bella Red EX-92-DE EX-94-MS
2.05 287d 7.435kgM 4.1% 307F 3.5% 262P
3.06 251d 8.978kgM 4.0% 359F 3.7% 334P
4.05 305d 12.195kgM 4.1% 505F 3.5% 435P
  • One of the greatest Jotan dtrs in the breed!
  • Dam to: Patbull-Red (s. Pat-Red) @ KI-Samen
  • Dam to: WR Ladd P Beyonce EX-90-DE - 2-Yr Old Champion R&W RUW Show 2015
  • Dam to: WR Aikman Brandy EX-92-DE EX-94-MS - Sr. Champion R&W RUW Show 2019
Stadel Benita VG-89-CH EX-91-MS
2.04 305d 7.040kgM 4.8% 339F 3.8% 270P
3.04 305d 8.706kgM 4.7% 413F 3.9% 337P
4.06 305d 8.070kgM 5.1% 407F 4.1% 333P
  • Average of 4.0% PROTEIN

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