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Batouwe Mirand Blissfull P

(Mirand PP *RC x Delight x Beemer)

POLLED Mirand dtr from the home-bred Bliss family!


Batouwe Holsteins - Fam. Bakker
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September 25, 2020


  • Early MIRAND PP *RC dtr going back on the Hardwood Leadman Bliss EX-92 family!!
  • Great-grand dam is an EX-90 SWISS Durham daughter!!
  • 6 generations EXCELLENT dams in her pedigree!
  • Same family as: RR Planet Bridget 1 - dam to SELECT @ OHG - Popular bull in the OHG-Program
  • Same family as Willsbro Toystory Butterfly VG-87-UK 2yr.
  • Same family as BARNABY at ABS


Batouwe Delight Bliss
Alpview Beemer Beema
  • Beemer daughter with +3.06 PTAT! (08/19)
Pol Butte Mc Beemer
Durham Beauty EX-90-CH EX-91-MS
2.06 305d 8.330kgM 4.2% 347F 3.7% 308P
3.05 305d 9.979kgM 4.3% 432F 3.7% 366P
4.09 305d 13.031kgM 4.1% 530F 3.5% 453P
  • EX-90 SWISS Durham daughter!!

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