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Broeklander Jett Queengirl-ET

(Jett x Bombero x Massey)

From the Italian Quantita cow family


Broeklander Holsteins
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Reg No.



October 29, 2016

Genomic Result

US 12/18 GTPI +2436 / NM $ 586 / PTAT +1.87 [ Details ]


  • Fancy Jett daughter from the Italian Quantita cow family
  • Her maternal sister ranks > 2700 GTPI (4/17)
  • Dam is one of the first fresh Bombero daughters in Europe
  • Dam her brother sold for € 92.000 as a first choice
  • Great bloodlines: Jett x Bombero x Massey x Beacon
  • 3rd dam is the #1 Beacon daughter in Europe
  • Same family as Boateng, Borsati & Colobiano, former #1 proven bull in Italy
  • Goes back to the former #1 PFT cow, Quantita EX-91-IT


DG Bomb Queengirl VG-85-NL VG-86-MS 2yr.
2.03 305d 10.147kgM 4.89% 496F 3.63%P 368P LW 124
  • Great uddered Bombero dtr
  • >10.000 kg milk in 1st lactation with 4.89% FAT & 3.63% PROTEIN!!!
Richmond-FD El BOMBERO
NH Massey Queengirl VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.08 386d 10.545kgM 4.6% 490F 3.7% 392P
Fresh in 2nd lactation: 1st test 41.5kgM 5.23%F 3.10%P
  • Sold for € 67.000
  • 1st CH. Son sold for € 92.000
  • Dam to: QUEENBOY @ AI-Total
Co-Op Bosside MASSEY-ET
Buttighofer Beacon Queen 05 VG-DE 2yr.
La1 305d 11.003kgM 4.4% 479F 3.8% 419P
343d 12.094kgM 4.3% 515F 3.8% 457P
La2 (Proj) 305d 11.226kgM 4.4%F 3.2%P
  • #1 Beacon dtr in Europe
  • Dam to NH Massey Queen Girl, sold for €67.000!

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6th New Farm Aaron Quantita EX-91-IT
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8th Pizz-Farm Leadman Mimma VG-85-IT 2yr.

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