CHARL: family member pictures!

Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL @ Sexing Technologies, he is the World's highest GTPI & Net Merit bull in the breed which is >11 months old: 12/17 GTPI +2958 / NM $ 1116! The first genomic tested embryos by Charl delivered the highest GTPI ever discovered: GTPI +3053 / NM $ 1154! Click further some pictures of his dam and grand dam in "working clothes", Hurgenlea Yoder Modesto & Hurgenlea Supersire Malibu at Hurtgenlea Holsteins. Stay tuned for a unique opportunity coming up soon for European breeders!  



Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL
US 12/17 +2104M +0.13%F +0.01%P +114F +66P 
SCS 2.83 / PL +10.1 / DPR +3.5 / SCE 6.1 / UDC +1.78 / PTAT +1.76
Net Merit $ 1116 / GTPI +2958
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Barn snapshot:   Hurtgenlea Yoder Modesty VG-86-USA   > Dam of CHARL!

    * The #1 Net Merit cow in the breed!

Barn snapshot:   Hurtgenlea Supersire Malibu VG-87-USA  >  Grand dam of CHARL!


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