CHARL: first daughter tested bull in history to go >3000 TPI!!

A unique moment in the history of the Holstein breed today with Hurtgenlea Richar CHARL to be the first daughter tested sire ever to break the 3000 GTPI mark, his first 182 daughters in his official proof made him jump no less then 287 TPI points up to GTPI +3050 and $ 911 Net Merit!  The #2 daughter proven sire is Pine-Tree Burley with GTPI +2884, followed by Achiever (GTPI +2875) and Marius (GTPI +2848). Also in the Genomic TPI ranking for young bulls the influance of Charl sons is huge with his son Genosource CAPTAIN on the #1 position in the GTPI ranking with GTPI +3162), with many of his sons keeping a top placing in the mondial GTPI ranking, such as DGF Cash (GTPI +2931), Paul (GTPI +2906), Pikachu and others!

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Hurtgenlea Richar CHARL | The #1 daughter proven TPI & NM bull

  • Number of daughters in his proof:   182 in production / 127 in type proof
  • Production: +2073 Milk / +114 Fat / +70 Protein
  • Increased +0.73 on his Feet & Legs Composite based on 127 classified daughters
  • Total index:  GTPI +3050 // NM $ 911 // PTAT +1.01


DGF Cash | One of the highest available GTPI bulls in the breed!

  • Production: +1639 Milk / +65 Fat / +65 Protein
  • Fitness: SCS 2.71 // DPR +1.9 // Productive Life +7.1
  • Type: +1.03 Udder Composite
  • Pedigree: Charl from the EBA Hanoi cow family
  • Beta Casein A2A2
  • Dairy Welness Profit: one of the highest DWP$ bulls in the breed!




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