Captain the nr. 1 daughter proven sire in the US-ranking

A tremendous December 2022 index run for Genosource Captain! With 31 daughters in his index, he came in as the #1 GTPI daughter proven sire this proof at +3214 GTPI. He has an amazing complete profile with >2200kgM, positive components, +1238 NM$, +0.6 DPR, 1.5% Sire Calving Ease and +1.44 PTAT. Also a solide proof for Mr T-Spruce Frazz Lionel at the second spot with +3132 GTPI. He added this run 641 new daughters in his index and scores amazing for milkproduction in his US index with >3500 kgM! Making this amazing Top 3 complete with Captain his dad: Hurtgenlea Richard Charl. He is the #3 GTPI daughter proven sire at +2995 GTPI. With 1022 daughters in his index he shows a balanced profile with >2000kgM, +1035 NM$, a positive DPR and +1.15 PTAT. Also in the top 100 GTPI daughter proven sires we find Aurora Mitchel @Ai-Total. He increased his score to +2798 GTPI and with >+2.60 PTAT in his index, is he the #4 PTAT bull in this Top 100. 

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