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Col DG Brylan NC

(Crush x Mogul x Meridian)

Huge TYPE ranking sister to Crushtime & Crushabull!


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Reg No.



January 8, 2017

Production Records

La1 100d 2.839kgM 4.0%F 3.6%P (Inc.)


Fresh and very promising - potential high scoring VG 2yr. old!

Genomic Result

US 12/19 GTPI +2152 / NM $ 243 / PTAT +3.74 [ Details ]
CA 12/19 Conf. +15


  • In the GLOBAL top for type rankings
  • Top 20 PTAT COW (>2 years in Europe)
  • Top 20 Conformation COW in the breed: +15 Conf. / +13 Mammary System / +10 Feet & Legs / +11 DS
  • The ONLY cow (>24M) in the breed combining >800 M, >3.7 PTAT, >3.3 UDC, >1.95 FLC and >0.5 Rump
  • Full sister to CRUSHTIME @ ST Genetics & CRUSHABULL @ Semex
  • Her grand dam is the full sister of the popular BYWAY @ Semex
  • Fantastic qualities and bloodlines for the future of the high type breeding
  • Her sire CRUSH is not available in Europe


Maverick CRUSH
Oh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan VG-87-USA 4yr.
  • Dam to CRUSHTIME @ ST Genetics & CRUSHABULL @ Semex
Oh-River-Syc Mrdn Billie EX-91-USA 4yr.
2.01 305d 10.650kgM 338F 289P
3.05 305d 12.152kgM 392F 347P
  • The full sister to BYWAY @ Semex!!
Sandy-Valley Atwd Barbie EX-91-USA 5yr.
2.04 305d 12.351kgM 3.5% 435F 3.3% 405P
4.09 365d 13.377kgM 3.7% 495F 3.2% 423P

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