De Volmer Sabine: The #1 GTPI Female in Europe

De Volmer Sabine rose to the #1 position in Europe during the last December index run. With her current index of 2900 GTPI she is also in the top 20 World Wide!! De Volmer Sabine comes from the world famous Ladys Manor Ruby D cow family, a family that is been delivering top bulls around the globe for decades. In her index she excels in her combination of fat and protein and scores for feet &legs and udders. Her combination of type and production and health traits makes her an easy to mate donors for the up-coming top bulls. De Volmer Sabine is in co-ownership with De Volmer Holsteins and Diamond Genetics; a partnership that has been succesfull before with delivering the most shighl respected bull De Vomer DG SUPERSHOT.




De Volmer Sabine-ET (PEDIGREE)
(Jedi x Kingboy x Mogul x Shottle x Ladys-Manor Ruby D EX-90-USA)
US 12/16 GTPI +2900 / NM $ 981 / PTAT +2.52
CA 12/16 DGV-LPI +3567 / Conf. +12

Her dam: Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
   - Will due any day and looks fantastic!

Her granddam: Ladys-Manor MG Suzanne VG-86-USA 3yr. 
   - Maternal sister to: Shamrock
   - Same family as: Man-O-Shan, La-Bron, Olympian *RC & Marbach

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