DG Calisha: fantastic full sister to the popular DG Charley!

DG Charley @ ABS is a global sensation, he has been extremely successful as a sire of sons and is currently the sire of both the #1 RZG & GTPI bull: Casino & Charl! This combination has been a golden cross (Supershot x DG Candide), his full sister DG Calisha is fresh, scored VG-87 2yr. with a VG-87 Mammary System, she was 3rd 2yr. old at the Wintershow Pesse, and is one of the highest producing 2yr. olds in the herd: 2.06 305d 10.506kgM (Lactation Value 117)!

This family gives you everything, high index, pedigree, type and milk. With Larcrest Crimson EX-94-USA on the bottom side of the pedigree and Supershot on the top side, you create the best of the best. DG Calisha will show you that on the female side and on the bull side obviously DG Charley!!! 


DG Calisha VG-87-NL 2yr.     (PEDIGREE)
 * Full sister to DG Charley @ ABS!
   * 2.06 305d 10.506kgM LW 117 (Proj.)
   * Scored VG-87 2yr. with a VG-87 udder
   * Calisha is in IVF program and available for contracts

Her full brother: DG CHARLEY @ ABS!!

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