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DG Janae

(Charl x Jett x Mvp)

#19 GTPI heifer in the July intermediate run! (07/19)


Diamond Genetics
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June 1, 2019

Genomic Result

US 12/19 GTPI +2632 / NM $ 810 / PTAT +1.81 [ Details ]


  • The #19 GTPI heifer in the July intermediate run with +2754 GTPI! (07/19)
  • Rare sire stack: Charl x Jett x Mvp x Epic
  • Grand dam is the former #1 MVP dtr in the breed & dam to Westcoast Alcove (s. Duke)
  • Several family member sold for incredible prices at live auctions!


Westcoast Jett Aria 4519
  • Great donor cow with +2516 gTPI! (09/19)
  • Prolific Embryo Producer... Made 124 Frozen Embryos in 18 IVF Sessions
  • First offspring is testing over +2800G
Gold-N-Oaks MVP Aria 2815 VG-87-4YR-CAN
2-02 2x 365d 12.531kgM 4.4% 555F 3.6% 452P
  • #1 GTPI MVP daughter in the breed! (12/18)
  • Dam to sire of Sons Westcoast Alcove (s. Duke)
  • 5 sons @ Semex and 1 @ Viking Genetics!
Ms Gold-N-Oaks Adore 2500 GP-83 VG-MS
3-09 2x 365d 13.789kgM 4.4% 606F 3.3% 457P
  • Dam to one of the highest flush-age heifers in the breed
  • Dam to the #1 and #2 GTPI MVP daughters in the breed
  • Her maternal sister is the granddam to Buiner Da Silva @ Ascol, sold for €41.000

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