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DG Lorretta P (A2A2)

(Holysmokes x Monument P x Charl)

She is the #9 GTPI calf in Europe at +3135 GTPI! (01/24)


Diamond Genetics
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November 4, 2023

Genomic Result

US 04/24 GTPI +2929 / NM $ 900 / PTAT +1.36 [ Details ]


  • She is the #9 GTPI calf in Europe at +3135 GTPI! (01/24)
  • Great milkproduction traits and health traits: +1299kgM / +0.24% Fat / +0.09% Protein (01/24)
  • Health traits: +0.7 DPR / 2.1% / +5.8 PL (01/24)
  • Super sire stack: Holysmokes x Monument P x Charl x Flagship
  • Extreme TRANSMITTING cow family
  • 4th dam is full sister to MS DG-TM Delta Bridgett EX-92-USA: top *RC GTPI cow in the breed!
  • Modesty sister to 3rd dam topped the National Convention '17 for $ 105.000
  • Backed by Rainyridge Talent BARBARA EX-95-USA *RC!



DG Linky VG-85-NL 2yr. (A2A2)
Just died after calving
  • VG-85-NL 2yr. Charl daughter with +2794 GTPI!
  • Dam of DG High Class, the #1 Renegade son in Europe at +3067 GTPI! (08/23)
  • Dam of DG Loyal (s. AltaZazzle) at +2967 GTPI (08/23)
PEAK Ladyluck Btrch T962
  • Blowtorch dtr going back on Berryridge Marshall G740-TW VG-85-USA GMD DOM
  • Outcross sire stack: Blowtorch x Donatello x Massey x Doberman

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6th Berryridge Doberman 1862 GP-83-USA
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8th Berryridge O Man 1030-G VG-88-USA
9th Berryridge Marshall G740-TW VG-85-USA GMD DOM

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