DG Neal the #8 daughter proven ISET bull in Switzerland!

Today, it's INDEX DAY! We start today with the first indexes coming in from Switzerland! The new leader in the Swiss chart is Penn-England Gordon at +1694 ISET. He has a shared first spot with Progenesis Validated at also +1694 ISET. In third follows Taos son Eichhof Cognac at +1682 ISET. Furthermore at the 9th spot we find DGF Cashmir (Mojo x Helix) at +1643 ISET. who has a solide run. Leading in the Domestic daughter proven list is Vogue Letsgo at +1559 ISET, followed by Silverridge V Einstein at +1554 ISET. Making the Top 3 complete with Progenesis Polaroid at +1551 ISET. At the 8th spot we find DG Neal @Ai-Total at +1536 ISET.

All top-rankings can be find by clicking on this link

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