Doorman #1 dtr proven type sire and his son Dream #1 gPTAT

The influance of Val-Bisson Doorman is increasing in the top of the global PTAT bull rankings. Val-Bisson Doorman is the #1 daughter tested type bull in the breed with +3.67 PTAT with almost 6000 daughters in his index. Also Beemer has his first daughters in his index and is placed on the 2nd place in de list with bulls with => 85% reliability in the type index. Doorman son Agresti Dannys Dream is the #1 genomic PTAT bull in the breed in the list with bulls >11 months and with an NAAB code, Dream is a Doorman x Atwood x Roy and has a PTAT of +4.39. Click further for the complete PTAT rankings. 



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