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Elitestreet Apprentice Spirit Red

(Appretince x Delta x Sympatico)

The #1 gTPI R&W in Europe! (04/19)

Multiple Owners

Nosbisch Holsteins
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Reg No.



October 10, 2017

Genomic Result

US 08/19 GTPI +2699 / NM $ 905 / PTAT +2.00 [ Details ]


  • The #1 gTPI R&W in Europe! (04/19))
  • +2723 gTPI in combination with +1.99 PTAT (04/19)
  • CD-FREE & R&W Apprentice dtr
  • Unique R&W pedigree: MGS Delta is the #1 dtr proven sire in history and not available in Europe
  • Dam is the maternal sister of the popular RC sire: Mr. Salvatore *RC @ Jetstream Genetics
  • Great index: +1488M +0.11%F +0.02%P 2.72SCS +1.5DPR +6PL 4.4SCE +2.49UDC (04/19)
  • One of the most interesting R&W heifers in the World!


Ms Sofias Delta Spirit-ET RC
  • Unique RED CARRIER Delta dtr
  • Full sister to Ms Sofias Delta Sky *RC @ Westcoast - dam to the #1 R&W heifer in the World
  • Maternal sister to the popular sire Salvatore *RC @ Jetstream Genetics
Mr Mogul DELTA
Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red VG-85-USA 2yr.
2-04 305d 11.678kgM 4.0% 466F 3.2% 369P
  • Incredible brood cow!
  • Dam of Salvatore *RC at Jetstream Genetics
  • Multiple sons and grand sons in AI already
  • Former #1 R&W GTPI & RZG cow in the breed!
Gen-I-Beq Snowman Summer *RC *BY VG-85-CAN-2YR
2-01 2x 365d 13.932kgM 3.5% 485F 3.1% 432P
  • Unique *RC Snowman daughter from the Splendors
  • Sons in AI

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