European PTAT rankings April 2019!!

The European female rankings are all ONLINE now with today the top ranking of the European PTAT females! The outstanding #1 PTAT female is BWN Camomilla an Undenied calf from the Camomile's with +4.41 PTAT. She is the sister to lot 29 in the European Masters Sale: RZN Solomon Camilla (s. Solomon). #3 in the PTAT Calves (< 9 months) list is NH Doc Fun a King Doc daughter from the DKR Faith family with +4.26 PTAT who will also be sold in the European Masters Sale als lot 30!! The #1 PTAT heifer (>9 months) is this run PrismaGen Attacke an Delight daughter with +4.37 PTAT. Second in the list is ARGH Fudge again a Delight daughter with +4.30 PTAT. #4 in the list is CCC-Hu Emilio Cremona an Emilo heifer with +4.18 PTAT from the incredible transmitter Huhne Cremona. The #1 PTAT cow (>2 years) is still the unbeatable HC Archrival Arianne with +4.07 PTAT. She is followed by All.Nure Jedi-Door Lorna a Byway daughter with +4.00 PTAT. 

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PTAT rankings European Females (04/19)

#1 PTAT female in Europe: BWN Camomilla (+4.41 PTAT) (Picture: Grand dam - Butlerview Doorman Class EX-91-USA)

  • Her Solomon sister RZN Solomon Camilla sells as lot 29 in the European Masters Sale this Friday!!

#3 PTAT Calf in Europe: NH Doc Fun (+4.26 PTAT) (PEDIGREE)

  • She sells as lot 30 in the European Masters Sale!!!

#2 PTAT heifer in Europe: ARGH Fudge (+4.30 PTAT) (PEDIGREE)

#4 PTAT heifer in Europe: CCC-Hu Emilio Cremona (+4.18 PTAT) (PEDIGREE)

#1 PTAT Cow in Europe: HC Archrival Arianne (+4.07 PTAT) (PEDIGREE)

  • Her Jordy-Red daughter sells as lot 63 in the European Masters Sale, this Friday in Libramont!!!



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