Excellent score for the sensational SILVESTER!

Keep an eye on her! Recently JK Eder DG Silvester classified with the predicate EXCELLENT with 91 frame, 90 dairy strength, 89 udder and 90 for her feed & legs! This amazing Silver daughter is projected with >10.300kgM and 4.11% PROTEIN! She traces back on a VG-85 Tango x VG-85 Bookem to the former #1 GTPI cow in Europe: All.Nure Baxter Silvy EX-90-NL 5yr. This ultra-succesful family has delivered several bulls for A.I. like Seducer, Season, Sullivan & much more. Silvester her VG-87-NL 2yr. Bourbon sister is the #1 yielding cow in the herd of JK Eder Holsteins and is projected with:  305d 11.438kgM 3.67%F 3.59%P (LW 137). As foundation cow of this deep cow family we find the Gold Medal Dam & Dam of Merit: Morningview Converse Judy EX-93-USA. Han Hopman has captured Silvester on camera. 

Photo credits: Han Hopman, Lianna Kolff, Alex Arkink ©

JK Eder DG Silvester EX-90-NL 5yr. (PEDIGREE)
Silver x JK Eder DG Silly 1 VG-86-NL (s. Tango) x JK Eder DG Silly VG-85-NL 2yr. (s. Bookem) x All. Nure Baxter Silvy EX-90-NL 5yr.
2.05 331d 9.131kgM 4.8% 435F 3.8% 343P
3.06 381d 11.824kgM 4.8% 565F 3.9% 462P
4.08 305d 10.355kgM 4.83%F 4.11%P (proj.)

  • EXCELLENT Silver great-grand daughter of All Nure Baxter Silvy *CV EX-90-NL
  • Projected with 4.11% PROTEIN!!
  • Still +2584 GTPI & 469 NET MERIT in her index!
  • Baxter Silvy is the former #1 GTPI cow in the Europe!
  • Dam to the former #25 GTPI female in the March intermediate run! (03/19): DG JK Sanni
  • Dam's full brother is sold for 44.000 EUR
  • Family that delivered many bulls for A.I.!!
  • 11 generations VG or EX-dams in her pedigree!

Maternal sister to Silvester by Bourbon: JK Eder DG Silly 5 VG-87-NL 2yr.
2.01 280d 10.506kgM 3.6% 378F 3.6% 374P
2.01 305d 11.438kgM 3.67%F 3.59%P LW137 (proj.)

  • #1 yielding cow in the JK Eder Holsteins herd!

All.Nure Baxter Silvy EX-90-NL 5yr. | Great-grand dam
2.00 305d 12.718kgM 3.8% 483F 3.2% 402P
5.04 305d 12.591kgM 3.9% 491F 2.9% 365P

  • Former #1 GTPI Cow in Europe!!
  • Contracted World Wide
  • Res. Sr. Champion Dairy Fair '14

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