Female King Doc and Lambda embryos from DEZI EX-96-USA her dtr

Selling in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale are #2 FEMALE Woodcrest King Doc (+3.54 PTAT / +2.42 UDC / +2.17 FLC) embryo's and #2 FEMALE Farnear Delta-Lambda embryo's (+2758 GTPI / +2.73 PTAT) out of Ernest-Anthony Debutante-ET. Ernest-Anthony Debutante-ET is a Diamondback *RC (Premier Sire R&W Show World Dairy Expo 2021) daughter directly out of showwinner Cache-Valley Lheros 'DEZI' EX-96-USA 3E! Dezi won multiple titles in the US like Senior, Grand and Supreme Champion at the Maryland State Fair 2018.

Lot 9. in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale:
FEMALE #2 Woodcrest King Doc and #2 Farnear Delta-Lambda x Ernest-Anthony Debutant

Donor. Ernest-Anthony Debutante-ET

Diamondback *RC x Cache-Valley Lheros 'Dezi' EX-96-USA 3E x Cache-Valley W Dezi Durham-ET EX-93-USA 3E

  • Sired by DIAMONDBACK *RC - Premier Sire Red & White Show World Dairy Expo 2021
  • Direct daughter of Cache Valley Lheros 2331 alias 'Dezi' EX-96-USA!!
  • Dam won multiple titles in the US and is one of the most sought alter cows of her generation
  • Backed by 3 generations EX-dams
  • 3rd dam was 1st 125,000 lb Cow, Western Spring National 2008 & more!!

Dam to donor: Cache-Valley Lheros alias 'DEZI' EX-96-USA!
4-07 2x 340d 9.911kgM 3.5% 343F 2.9% 286P 
5-09 2x 305d 14.420kgM 4.0% 571F 3.0% 435P
7-06 2x 305d 17.713kgM 5.2% 920F 2.8% 497P 
8-06 2x 305d 15.817kgM 3.7% 592F 2.9% 454P

  • 1st Production Cow, Senior, Grand & Supreme Champion, Maryland State Fair 2018
  • 1st 150.000# Cow, Senior & Grand Champion, Northeast Spring National Holstein Show 2018
  • 1st Production Cow, Best Udder, Senior, Grand & Supreme Champion, Maryland State Fair 2017
  • Unaminous All- Canadian & Unaminous All-American 5 Yr-Old 2015

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